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Pons* are usually not planned in advance. You may, however, choose to place yourself where there are more opportunities for pons. There are times when it would be appropriate to plan a pon in advance.

Edward De Bono, H+ (Plus) A New Religion? [Amazon, Local Library]

* A pon is a positive sin. That means an action that is helpful, constructive and contributing.—De Bono (defining the term elsewhere in the book)

Hermetic quote de Bono hplus H+ new religion positive sin not planned place where more opportunities

“The other self, the anti-self or the antithetical self, as one may choose to name it, comes but to those who are no longer deceived, whose passion is reality”

Susan Johnston Graf, W.B. Yeats Twentieth Century Magus: An In-Depth Study of Yeat’s Esoteric Practices and Beliefs, Including Excerpts from His Magical Diaries [Bookshop, Amazon]

“Yeats explains what he meant by ‘passion is reality’: ‘… for the awakening, for the vision, for the revelation of reality, tradition offers us a different word-ecstasy’ … Immersion in the anti-self brought about a ‘revelation of reality,’ an ecstatic state that enabled the artist to create works of genius. … Only when he became the anti-self could he become a totally subjective individual, overcome the illusion of duality, and find a ‘revelation of reality.'”

Hermetic quote Graf W B Yeats Twentieth Century Magus to those who are no longer deceived whose passion is reality

Well, at some point, you almost just have to choose what you are going to believe or not believe.

J Kelley Anderson, Casting Shadows

Hermetic quote Anderson Shadows believe