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Bright Spiral

Bright Spiral by Chris Judge is an online comic “about peering behind the scrim of this world and negotiating directly with reality” and may be of interest. There’s also a crowdfunding campaign to print issues #1 and #2 you could help that offers a variety of rewards for your support.

“Bright Spiral is an independent comic about initiation.

The first issue revolves around the brutal initiation of a black magician who must venture into hell in order to retrieve a mysterious object of great importance that will accelerate his rise within the order. Will it be the key to his freedom or something to chain him further?

The second issue begins the story of a yogi who must climb a mountain after his master dies. Countless lives have landed him in this same situation. Will this be the one where he finally makes it up the mountain? What revelation awaits him there?

What really controls our minds, instincts and impulses? How can we break free of this control? And what happens when we do? What does it mean to ‘save yourself’? It’s far messier and more human than putting on a cape and fighting crime. It can mean confronting terrifying internal demons and having the wherewithal and tools to transform them into inspiration.

Some choose initiation over and over again constantly jumping the gap and grabbing for more insight and more awareness. Many go mad, but others turn out ok! And they walk back down the mountain as an adept able to change whatever they see fit.

All stories interact, even mine and yours; there is no getting around that. This is only the beginning. I intend to keep telling this story until it’s no longer possible for me to hold a pen.” [via]