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Anthology news, 4dec2023

I know that many people got an email or something when it happened, or should have, but I have to mention it again, as I’m contractually obligated to do; or else the library cats will disown me, or … something worse? Yeah, but, yesterday, I released, on the anniversary of the library’s birthday in 1996, this year’s anthology Magick, Music and Ritual 18!

You can now get it as a digital download on Bandcamp or Itch. If you’re a Subscriber on Bandcamp, you already have MMR18 and TINAHLAA-5 added to your collection, and if you aren’t then this is your last chance to get all five TINAHLAA releases and MMR18 for just $12 before I close the option to Subscribe on Bandcamp forever. If you’re a Patron on Patreon, at any support tier, you have a special link to grab the gratis download of MMR18 at any time until the next release, and another link to download TINAHLAA-5 until the end of the calendar year (after which it becomes a Digital perk with the other TINAHLAAs).

PANICMACHINE released Hidden Universe by P Emerson Williams

Worms of Earth’s label Arcane Dirge released Etterath by Subverge, and they’re running a 50% off sale on their compilation from earlier this year Arcanum Vol. I

Wolven Angel released Silent Ashes

Johann Heyss released Akhnaten (Remix)

Phil Legard’s Hawthonn released Coil Covers Coven by Hawthonn and Borehole

Check out dreams. by snow

And, gander at Magical Metamorphosis Third Eye by HIBUSHIBIRE

Also, icymi, “The KLF launch new ‘KLF Kare’ website and share remix. ‘KLF KARE may have the care home for you'” Listen to the track. (Or, hint hint, if you inspect the player code on the page, you can easily find the direct link to the mp3.)

And, that’s it for now! Until next time!

But, of course, be sure to check out the entire anthology project at Hermetic Library, Itch, and in all the digital streaming and online shops.

Magick Music and Ritual 18 1111px

New Quietus feature on Coil, Coltrane and LSD mentions Aleister Crowley and more

New Quietus feature “Love’s Secret Ascension: Coil, Coltrane & The 70th Birthday Of LSD” by Peter Bebergal [HT Pam Grossman] mentions Aleister Crowley, Austin Osman Spare and more, including quite a bit about magick and music; and even some discussion with Hermetic Library anthology artist Kim Cascone.

“If Coltrane’s rapturous Om and Ascension function as representations of the mystical impulse fueled by LSD, I have chosen the music of Coil to explore the magickal, specifically their 1991 record Love’s Secret Domain, probably the most fully realised magickal record in the context of rock & roll. And just as Om’s mystical desires are not only about a union with the divine, what is magickal about Love’s Secret Domain has nothing to do with the conjuration of demons or the binding of angels. What makes Love’s Secret Domain magickal is that it inhabits perfectly Crowley’s dictum that magick is the ‘Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will’.”

“Coil’s music forces the listener to destroy that distinction between art and artifice, because their magickal sensibility comes out of an actual location, a place. Coil draws their inspiration from an England haunted by the artist and magician Austin Osman Spare, and the “great beast” Aleister Crowley. While Crowley always seems to loom large in matters of magick, his spirit is particularly evident here because he insisted on creating a glamour around his own spiritual workings and magickal practice. The magician Crowley wrote dense tables of correspondences and complex rituals. The personality Crowley handed out business cards that read ‘The Wickedest Man Alive’.

Nevertheless, Spare is the true Holy Guardian Angel of Coil, and in numerous interviews John Balance cites him as a kindred soul, whose art and magick were inextricably bound. In a 2001 interview with Mark Pilkington for Fortean Times, Balance describes his relationship to Spare as something akin to ancestor worship, where Spare is a spirit mentor that offers advice and inspiration. Of Spare’s art, Balance gets to the root of understanding both Spare but also Coil. ‘Although they’re [Spare’s artwork] often decorative, the intention behind the decoration often hits you first.'”

Occultpunk posts a review of Magick, Music and Ritual 2


“A must-listen for fans of Coil and Current 93. I particularly like the tracks by Rev Chloe Kalombinah and The Psychogeographical Commission’s cover of Coil’s ‘The Lost Rivers of London.’ For $3.33 for a six track album, this is an affordable way to enjoy and support the Hermetic arts.” [via]

The Strange And Frightening World Of Coil

The Strange And Frightening World Of Coil” is an interesting and recent retrospective, you may want to check out over at The Quietus.


“As we remember Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson who died a year ago tomorrow, Russell Cuzner looks back at the music of Coil”


“COIL know how to destroy Angels. How to paralyse. Imagine the world in a bottle. We take the bottle, smash it, and open your throat with it. I warn you we are Murderous. We massacre the logical revolts. We know everything! We know one thing only. Absolute existence, absolute motion, absolute direction, absolute Truth. NOW, HERE, US.” — Coil Manifesto