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The Daemon Tarot

The Daemon Tarot: The Forbidden Wisdom of the Infernal Dictionary is a book and deck of cards by Ariana Osborne, due from Sterling Ethos on November 5, 2013, and has arrived at the Reading Room courtesy of the publisher.

Ariana Osborne The Daemon Tarot from Sterling Ethos

First things first: this is not actually a tarot deck. There are no suits, no major/minor arcana, and the deck has 69 cards. However, personally, I think that’s a good thing. Instead of being yet another novelty themed tarot deck which merely swaps out images from any other, this is something actually new and different.

Ariana Osborne is a print designer, from Portland, OR, who has taken inspiration from Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy’s 1818 Le Dictionnaire Infernal and the commissioned engravings by Luis Breton of these many entities for a later edition, and used those to create a cartomancy deck useful for creative divination, study and more. In fact, I’d previously mentioned her “Cartes Infernales” crowdfunding effort for this, and so it is actually quite wonderful to see this become a major release.

Ariana Osborne The Daemon Tarot book and cards from Sterling Ethos
Inside the box: book and card deck

Each card has a name, image and brief description of one entity; and the companion book is primarily comprised of a reference for each card with additional information, including an annotation about the entity, an inspiration as relevant connection to the modern world, and a divination with suggested meaning for those using the cards for cartomancy.

There’s a tiny bit of dancing apologetics in the preface, which, you know, is fine if it soothes the squares and avoids being burnt alive or worse when the narrow-minded mob becomes nasty during Consumermas, but even with that this is a nice, cleanly designed reference and divinatory set of uncommonly complex entities which could be of interest to you.

Ariana Osborne The Daemon Tarot Abigor Abraxas Adramelech Orobas Paimon Stolas
A few familiar fiends: Abigor, Abraxas, Adramelech, Orobas, Paimon, and Stolas

“What does the Daemon Tarot hold in store for you? Summon the power of infernal beings to guide you on your path …

For the 1893 sixth edition of his Dictionnaire Infernal (‘Infernal Dictionary’), a volume filled with entries about magic and the occult, demonologist Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy commissioned over five hundred unique engravings—including 69 signed illustrations by Luis Breton, mostly compelling portraits of named daemons. Now author Ariana Osborne has created a matched set of 69 cards out of Breton’s works and written a companion book of illustrated entries for each. These entries detail each daemon’s attributes compiled not only from the Dictionnaire, but from a variety of other sources; Osborne’s own interpretations and insights into the subject of each card; and focused meanings to use in a traditional one-card draw or a six-card spread—’the next best thing to dragging a daemon into your living room to answer all your questions.'” — box copy


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From Black Magic and Mysticism to Serpent Gods and Voodoo

You may be interested in Weiser Antiquarian Book Catalogue #107: From Black Magic and Mysticism to Serpent Gods and Voodoo.

“The catalogue starts with signed copies of a recent book that has caused evoked quite some excitement amongst those interested in Hermetica, Occult Traditions by Damon Zacharias Lycourinos. This is followed by the usual eclectic mix of recent arrivals. Amongst the more unsual items are a Charming Eighteenth Century Manuscript Copy of the work of parlour divination that was published under the title Pratique Curieuse, ou les Oracles des Sibylles, sur Chaque Question Proposée in 1694; one of the final nineteenth century revised editions of Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal (but published anonymousyly under the title Dictionnaire des Sciences Occulte (1846/1848 & 1852); an inscribed copy of George Frederick Kunz’s richly illustrated study of the myth and lore of jewels, gems and stones, and their religious, magical and talismanic use: The Magic of Jewels and Charms; a superb copy of Jean Philippe Vogel’s handsome study of the divine or deified serpents (Nagas) whose presence permeates Hindu and Buddhist lore, Indian Serpent-Lore, or the Nagas in Hindu Legend and Art (1926) and a signed first edition of Arthur Edward Waite’s Strange Houses of Sleep, a book on which Arthur Machen collaborated. There is also a good selection of works on magick, including an internally clean – but externally rather rough (and priced accordingly) first edition of Austin Osman Spare’s The Book of Pleasure (Self-Love) The Psychology of Ecstasy, 1913; the second and best edition of Arthur Edward Waite translation of Éliphas Lévi’s The History of Magic. Including a Clear and Precise Exposition of its Procedures, its Rites and its Mysteries, 1922, and his The Mysteries of Magic: A Digest of the Writings of Éliphas Lévi (Second Edition) 1897; signed limited editions of Mark Alan Smith’s Queen of Hell and The Red King; E. A. Koetting’s three volumes: Evoking Eternity, Works of Darkness and Baneful Magick. “Groupings” of books include a collection of the magnificent Watkins edition of works by and about Jacob Boehme, a group of Grimoires and other works published by the “International Guild of Occult Sciences”, and a selection of works on Daoist Magic by Jerry Alan Johnson. Other works of note include Robert Surieu’s superbly illustrated study of the erotic in ancient Persian art Sarv-E Naz: An Essay on Love and the Representation of Erotic Themes in Ancient Iran (1967); the leather-bound Antonine Publishing / Golden Dragon Press edition of Meric Casaubon’s A True and Faithful Relation of What Passed for Many Years Between Dr. John Dee …. and Some Spirits …. (1974) and a rare 1967 limited edition printing of S. L. MacGregor Mathers’ The Secret Workings of the Golden Dawn Book “T”, the Tarot; to name but a few. ” [via]