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Hermetic Library Journal announcement submissions to the Kerukeion for Summer Solstice 2013

There’s only two months until the March 21st, 2013 deadline to participate in the inaugural issue of the Hermetic Library Journal from the Benefit Anthology Project! Release is planned for June 21st, 2013. Consider letting others whom you think may be interested know about this as well, but consider submitting your written and visual work. If you have any questions, comments or wish to contribute to this project; contact the librarian.

The herald’s staff, in Greek kerukeion, in Latin caduceus, is a synecdoche for the herald, or public crier. In the Journal this Kerukeion will be space for short textual news items and announcements of interest to the community. Messages submitted will be free of cost in publication, but will be subject to reasonable editorial selection.

If you have an announcement or notice that you would like to submit, the Journal will offer some space for the community to reach out to each other without cost. However, notices should be very brief and have some indication of how to find out more about the topic or event mentioned, such as offering a URL.

Read more about the Kerukeion, or announcements, section in the call for submissions and in the Kerukeion section of the submissions guidelines.

For general information, please read the call for submissions and the terms & conditions for submissions. If you have any comments, questions or concerns; or want to submit your work for an anthology, just contact the librarian.