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A Romp through the History of Astrology

A Romp through the History of Astrology” by Jenn Zahrt, if you’re in the Oakland area, may be something to attend at The Public School, 2141 Broadway, Oakland, CA on Mar 4th, 2013.

“Join me for a Romp through the History of Astrology. On March, 4, I’ll be giving a two hour introduction to the history of astrology at The Public School in Oakland.

Here’s the course description:
Astrology has a history as old as humanity itself. This course will introduce you to the astrologies that have been developed by various world cultures, from the most ancient to the most modern. You’ll leave with a sense of the diversity of what astrology has been and can be, and at the end of the session, we’ll explore the potential to go deeper into any areas of special interest in future courses. Fortune-telling and chart reading will not take place during this session.” [via]