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Cave of the Numinous

Cave of the Numinous by Craig Williams, with foreword by Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya, and an introductory essay by David Beth, from Theion Publishing, is available for pre-order and due in late May, 2014, in Auric and Standard editions, and may be of interest.

“Highly anticipated and the result of over 25 years of initiatic study within authentic Guru lineages, Cave of the Numinous by Craig Williams is one of the very few genuine expositions of the Left Hand Path in general and Left Handed Tantra in particular.

Cave of the Numinous is the first installment in Craig’s Tantric Physics series of books. Each self-contained volume will treat crucial aspects of the Vama Marga and considered as a whole this series will unveil a complete initiatic system of Left Hand Tantra.

Radical in its approach, the Tantric way of the Dark Goddess is a most intense and dangerous pathway towards spiritual liberation and power. Sexual alchemy, Guru Yoga, antinomian ritual and complex interactions of various Vedic sciences form a fascinating universe of spiritual transformation within which the wayfarer may attain to the supreme freedom of Kaivalya or suffer utter destruction.

In Cave of the Numinous, Craig Williams expounds on most important roots of Left Hand practice and guides us into the nocturnal inner and outer environments which the practitioner must establish in order to successfully progress along the Vama Marga.

Complete with rituals and glossary, this book is an invaluable resource and manual for every serious occultist and esoteric explorer particularly for those of the Left Handed Gnosis.

Cave of the Numinous features a foreword by Dr. Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya and the exclusive essay ‘Supreme Katabasis: Kaivalya and the Kosmic Gnosis’ by David Beth as an introduction.” [via]