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Knight’s Tour Transposition cryptogram

Walter C Cambra has sent a single sheet with a Knight’s Tour Transposition cryptogram, which was published in American Cryptogram Association, Sept-2013–2013, and presented to the Grand Master of the English Lodge AMORC, and now in the collection at the Reading Room.

Walter C Cambra Knight's Tour Transposition

“The enclosed cryptogram is one example of what is termed a ‘Knight’s Tour Transposition’ which involves a chess piece (‘Knight’) moving on a route through all sixty-four squares of the chess board in which it lands once-and-only-once in each of the sixty-four squares!

In the enclosed example the ‘con’ is solved by discovering the route taken by the Knight. For easy orientation simply follow the route from square numbered ‘ONE’ through square numbered ‘SIXTY-FOUR’. In doing so you will find the ‘SOL’ (solution) to the ‘CON’!”