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Let There Be Light!

Brother, kneel before the altar,

In silence grave.

Show no weakness. Do not falter

Like cowan knave.

Honest brethren stand around you,

With heart and hand,

Ready to encourage, aid you,

A noble band.

Here you need not fear deception—

All are true—

Every brother here assembled

Knelt like you.

With throbbing hearts they silent listen

To your voice,

As you tell in earnest whisper,

Your free choice.

Gently loose the new made brother

From his cord,

He is bound by stronger fetters,

On God’s Word.

Hearken to the Master’s language:

“Pray for Light,”

Responsive voices chant the echo:

“Let there be Light.”

Welcome, brother, to our household,

You are Free;

May it ever prove a blessing

Unto thee.

Cummings, 1894