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T.E.R.o.U.Rs collection vol 1

T.E.R.o.U.Rs Collection vol. 1 from Dave Greber on Vimeo.


“T.E.R.o.U.Rs (The Empty Remains of Unused Revelations) is a collection of sculptures by Dave Greber from 2013. This collection is the first 5 introductions to the collection.”


T.E.R.o.U.Rs collection vol 1 is a video from Dave Graber in the Hermetic Library video pool.

YouCantRiptheSkinOffofaSnake 2 : The Return

YouCantRiptheSkinOffofaSnake 2 : The Return from Dave Greber on Vimeo.


YouCantRiptheSkinOffofaSnake 2 : The Return is a video by Dave Graber.


“A philanthropic host straps up his ‘blades and ‘hits the streets’ to help everyday people with their existential issues. The visual language of the reality talk show provides the crude foil to the emotionally elevated nature of verbal content.”


The Hermetic Library video pool is a scavenger hunt for video from a living Western Esoteric Tradition. If you would like to submit your work for consideration, head over to the Hermetic Library video pool or contact the librarian.