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The Love

The Love” is a Digger Wells track added by Ralph Buckley in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


“It’s time for reaction
To my dissatisfaction
How can I be silenced now that you’ve opened my eyes
The Crats are all raping and killing and taking
I won’t join their ‘ism’ now that I’ve seen through their lies

Everyone’s waiting
No more contemplating
It’s time to join in to the fight lets begin
Together we’ll turn on the light

Your participation
Would be appreciated
Our mental state is only the state of our mind
We’ll talk to a Pharoh
Or a big Pteradactyl
Maybe they’ll lead us to what we were hoping to find


Disorientation’s is the normal narration
So in conclusion you’re state of illusion is fine

Everyone’s waiting
You’re still contemplating
You’ll come when you’re ready
We’ll all come together
To welcome you into THE LOVE”


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