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These, dear girl, are for you. They form this pleasant book. Now strip yourself and get a candle; lunge in front of a looking-glass and read and frig alternately. If you are grown up, a dog or a man to suck you saves labour—of any sort—and time. But I want you to swim in a perfect ocean of fuck as you read—and please God if we ever meet—what ho!

Aleister Crowley, Snowdrops from a Curate’s Garden, Prologue

Hermetic quote Crowley Snowdrops in a Curates Garden dear girl strip lunge in front of a looking glass read frig swim in a perfect ocean fuck

Eat it, you sow!
I’m your dog, fuck, shit!
Swallow it now!
Rest for a bit!
Satan, you gave
A crown to a slave.

Aleister Crowley, Leah Sublime

In Nomine Babalon, LII


I make pure the temple and clear out the fog

For God will not come to live in a dog!

As I purge myself from the base and common,

I raise up the cup and adore Babalon!

In Nomine Babalon: 156 Adorations to the Scarlet Goddess


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