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Luna’s Dogma


Luna’s Dogma

Lyrics were written and spoken by the French image slayer Dorianne Wotton.

Tension. Tension is the leitmotif of Luna’s Dogma.

Firstly, the way the track is built reflects tension with harsh words interspersed with naive music. Then the sound itself tries to render tension by the use of static as background noise. This reduces the violence of words by giving them a ghostly and ethereal feeling while giving a disturbing aspect to the music. That aspect contrasts with its simplicity, as if it came from the background of a nightmare. Finally, the tension is also created by the juxtaposition of several spoken elements spatialized so that the listener is trying to follow all of them at the same time which dissolves the meaning of each of them into une bouillie de mots, or word porridge. This tension is also that of an ascetic mystic, an anchorite, which seeks to achieve a celestial spirituality while feeling trapped in his earthly body.

The text, written and spoken by Dorianne Wotton, is an illustration of the “æsthetic of desolation”, as defined later by Dorianne Wotton and Exomène, that underlies both their respective individual and collaborative works since 2004.

The sampled spoken word of Dorianne Wotton from this track translated to English:

I am a heretic.
What enjoyment heresy can give us.
I am the ascetic of another mysticism, the priestess of another dogma.
What happiness, what sublimation, what transcendental moments my dogma gives me.
Behind the apparent barbarity of the acts that my almighty cult makes me do, there are short, too short moments that bring me closer to an impenetrable and indefinable ideal. The ascent to another spirituality far from pain, greed, emptiness. Agony for the common man, an orgasm for my emotional being.
I dream of another reality and perfection before I leave.
I want to live before I die.
Exalting my soul, I desert my body and especially the passing of time that ravages everything.
Like an anchorite, I hate my body and try to take refuge where no one can reach me.
Torn between inner violence and contemplation that brings me peace and serenity I chose to denigrate my body to feel the purity of my soul,
As required by my own religion.

The entire August 2003 essay by Dorianne Wotton is available in full on Exomène’s anthology profile page.

French artist Exomène is a soundsmith and digital apothecary.

A soundsmith because he works sounds like a potter his clay, or a blacksmith his metal: hammering, stretching, twisting sounds until they fit all together into a coherent piece of music.

As a digital apothecary, his approach is quite the same: playing with an abstract material as if it was physical in a more experimental way. The sound in itself is no longer triturated but what generates it is subjected to several techniques: data-bending, generativity, algorithm, glitch…

These two approaches stem from the same mysticism that holds abstract and physical materials are the same thing in different realms.

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Magick, Music and Ritual 6, the Winter 2013 anthology album from the Hermetic Library
Hermetic Library Anthology Project – Magick Music and Ritual 6



Side by Side

Side by side from Dorianne Wotton on Vimeo.


“Side by Side” by Dorianne Wotten, music by Hermetic Library anthology artist Exomène


A teaser of the next A/V performance Exomène and I are setting up.
Enjoy! Any comment will be appreciated :)
I got lost in life. I do not know how or why it happened. But one day I woke up and I was there. Nowhere. It seemed unreal. I liked it. I found myself by my side. “Side by side”.
Many things, if they were real, couldn’t give pleasure. However, they manage to do so through the game of fantasy. Many emotions, even troubling ones, can be a great source of enjoyment.
So, just like a child who plays, we create an imaginary world that we take seriously. We give it large amounts of affects, while we clearly distinguish the reality. But actually, what is real? What is imagination? What if both found themselves “side by side”?
It’s like a waking dream. We mobilize our intuitive, imaginative, creative and contemplative capabilities. We make this dream a mean to access to a paradoxical and illuminated reality. A reality perceived in both its lightness and its infinite absolute strangeness. To end up “side by side”.
Confusion of time, space, colors, identities. Interaction with someone which is nobody else but me. Or my image. Out of my body. “Side by side” …


Teaser de la prochaine performance audiovisuelle que Exomène et moi-même sommes en train de mettre en place.
Je me suis perdue dans la vie. Je ne sais ni comment, ni pourquoi c’est arrivé. Mais un jour je me suis réveillée, et j’étais là. Nulle part. Cela semblait irréel. J’aimais ça. Je me suis retrouvée devant moi. En “face à face”.
Bien des choses, si elles étaient réelles, ne sauraient provoquer de plaisir. Elles y parviennent cependant dans le jeu de la fantaisie.
Bien des émotions, en elles-mêmes troublantes, peuvent devenir une source de jouissance.
Alors tel un enfant qui joue, on se créé un monde imaginaire que l’on prend au sérieux. On le dote de grandes quantités d’affect, tout en le distinguant nettement de la réalité. Mais qu’est-ce qui est réel? Qu’est-ce qui est imaginaire? Et si les deux se retrouvaient “face à face”?
C’est comme dans un rêve éveillé. On mobilise nos capacités intuitives, imaginatives, créatrices, et contemplatives. On fait ainsi de ce rêve un moyen paradoxal d’accès à une réalité illuminée perçue à la fois dans sa légèreté infinie et son étrangeté absolue. Pour se retrouver “face à face”.
Confusion des temps, de l’espace, des couleurs, des identités. Interaction avec soi qui n’est personne d’autre que moi. Ou mon image. Décorporée. “Face à face”…

Cyclical rebirth

Cyclical rebirth from Dorianne Wotton on Vimeo.


Nouveau “spoken worms”, réunissant lecture, vidéo et musique.
Réalisées par un trio Exomène (musique: exomene.com/), Marianne (texte et interprétation: essentialites-marianne.blogspot.com/) et Dorianne Wotton (images), nos trois univers parfois oniriques, inquiétants ou déjantés se croisent, s’emmêlent et se fondent pour créer les spoken worms: pièces audiovisuelles où chaque medium se renforce pour immerger les spectateurs dans leur imaginaire ternaire.
Chaque artiste apporte sa sensibilité, son approche.
Il y a une très grande complémentarité entre chacun des protagonistes de ces créations, et les allers-retours entre l’écriture, la musique et les images sont pour chacun extrêmement stimulants; font de la transposition des mots, des images et de la musique en spectacle une véritable recherche, une création continue.
Les “spoken worms” ont déjà été produits plusieurs fois à Paris et nous sommes à la recherche de nouveaux lieux de diffusion.

New “spoken worms”, involving reading, video and music.
Performed by a trio Exomène (music: exomene.com/), Marianne (text and interpretation: essentialites-marianne.blogspot.com/) and Dorianne Wotton (images), our three dream, disturbing and crazy worlds intersect, tangle and merge to create the spoken worms: audiovisual pieces in which each medium is strengthened to immerse the audience in their imaginary ternary.
Each artist brings his sensitivity, his approach.
There is a high complementarity between the protagonists of these creations. Round trips between writing, music and images are extremely exciting for everyone. They make the transposition of words, pictures and music spectacle in a real research and a perpetual creation.