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Weiser Antiquarian new arrivals, including a Book of the Law from 1938

Weiser Antiquarian Books has posted a number of new arrivals, including a Book of the Law privately issued by O.T.O. in London from 1938, as well as other items of interest such as A E Koetting’s The Book of Azazel, Alexander Winfield Dray’s Nox Infernus and Liber Obsidian Obscura, Sabbatica compiled by Edgar Kerval, Liber Nigri Solis edited by Victor Voronov, Michael Cecchetelli’s Crossed Keys, Nigel Pennick’s The Toadman, and a number of Aleister Crowley, Israel Regardie, Jack Parsons, Kenneth Grant, Austin Osman Spare, and Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn related works as well as others of probable interest.

Via Siniestra

VIA SINIESTRA – Under The Mask Ov The Red Gods by Edgar Kerval is the first work in a new series from Aeon Sophia Press.

Edgar Kerval's Via Siniestra from Aeon Sophia Press

“An in-depth deep exploration inside the mysterious spirits manifestation known as The Red Gods. In this practical grimoire full of potent rituals though 4 years and the use of blood and sexual libations, lucid dreaming meditations, automatic paintings, invocation, diagrams … to connect with each one of 7 qliphotic forces.


Raw and suggestive visuals by Michael Gallant and Edgar Kerval.
A powerful book to those deeply into Qliphotic sorcery, left hand path.” [via]


This is the first work in Véritables œuvres de la Magie which is intended as a series of practical and varied monographs from Aeon Sophia.

“We have asked practitioners from various magickal backgrounds to create a practical grimoire. We have approached up to now 6 authors, of which a few already have confirmed to create a book specifically for the monographic series.

Don’t expect to find long winding academic text. These are workbooks for ritual praxis … including explanations of the spirits, corrosponding sigils, invocations and art.

The idea is that each book in the serie is a true Grimoire of approx 100 to 150 pages.

Via Siniestra by Edgar Kerval will be the first of the series. More info and pre-order date will be announced soon.” [via]