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Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy

Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy: The controversial theory of life energy by Ola Raknes, foreword by Elsworth F Baker, cover by Walter Brooks, is part of the collection at the Reading Room.

Ola Raknes Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy

“Here is an authoritative introduction to Wilhelm Reich’s science of life energy, or orgonomy. Ola Raknes covers every aspect of this controversial subject, explaining among much else the liberation of sexual energy, the nature of functional thinking, mind-body functional identity, the four-beat orgasm formula, and the bearing of life energy on religion, education, medicine, and psychology. In addition, his own reminiscences provide an unexpected personal dimension. … At the time of Reich’s death in a federal penitentiary, Raknes was one of the few men still loyal to him and one of the few to enjoy his full confidence. Because Raknes worked so closely with Reich and later followed every development of orgonomic research, Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy fills an important place both in the context of Reich’s own writings and in current studies of life energy.” — back cover