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Apparently today is Ragnarök

Apparently today is Ragnarök, so, I guess, welcome to the end of the world … again, until next time.

So, to help start things off on the right foot, for anyone who’s left behind, so to speak, now that everything is coming to an end, I thought I’d point you toward Hermetic Library figure Allan Bennett‘s The Faith of the Future, part I, RAGNARÖK, for something interesting to read while the world crumbles.

“Of all the apocalyptic visions of the ending of the olden days and ways that has ever been declared to humanity, perhaps the strangest—and in a sense the truest—is the story told in the Younger Edda of the coming of Ragnarök, the Day of the Twilight of the Gods. Of old the Æsir, the bright Gods of Day, deemed that they had destroyed all evil in the world. In many a hard-won fight they had overcome the forces of Loki the Evil, Lord of the Nether Fire, and had chained him to the rocks of the nethermost hell, to suffer whilst they caroused in glorious Valhalla, holding themselves secure to all eternity. Alone amongst them Odin the Wise knew that which must be—for had he not pledged his eye to the Norns, that the knowledge of the future might be revealed to his inner vision? But Odin was too wise to mock the joy of the Æsir in their world-sovereignty with the knowledge of the day to come; and so the Gods lived heedless in the Hall of Heaven, deeming that no sorrow could again come nigh them.” [via]

End of the World Enochian Working

End of the World Enochian Working with Lon Milo DuQuette is an online event sponsored by Thelesis Aura for which you can register online.

End of the World Enochian Working with Lon Milo DuQuette via Thelesis Aura

“The webinar will begin at 10:00AM GMT and will continue for about three hours, so long as the Internet continues to function and/or exist.

The exact time of the Winter Solstice/Mayan End of the World is 11:11 GMT. Friday, December 21, 2012, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM GMT (United Kingdom)” [via]

“The Mayan Calendar runs out of days on December 21, 2012 e.v.

Do you know what may (or may not) happen?

Join Lon Milo DuQuette online and find out!

World famous occultist, author, musician, lecturer, teacher, tarot reader, Enochian Magick expert, and all around fun guy Lon Milo DuQuette will explore the 30 Aethyers of the Angelic realms of the Enochians as the Earth aligns with the Galactic Center at the precise moment of the Winter Solstice on Friday, December 21st at 11:11 AM GMT.

This is an event and magickal working of a kind never before attempted or experienced in the history of human civilization.

Something to be able to tell your grandchildren about . . . if there are any.

No matter what happens or doesn’t, this is something not to be missed!” [via]

“But no matter what happens, we will be all working together in a global magickal working that can only be performed every 25,800 YEARS!

Not only will this be a once in a lifetime event, it most likely be a once in civilization’s lifetime event. Indeed, the next time this happens, humans may not even exist!” [via]