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Damien Echols Presents: The Mothman Prophecies — February 23, 2023, New Orleans, LA, US

Damien Echols Presents: The Mothman Prophecies, part 1 of a series, at The Broad Theatre, February 23, 2023, New Orleans, LA, US

Hermetic Library Calendar Damien Echols Mothman Prophecies 23feb2023

“I was invited to choose 3 movies to screen, and do accompanying talks, by the Broad Theater here in NOLA. We begin on Feb 23rd with Mothman Prophecies. The theme of the talks are the stages of magickal development – Neophyte,Adept,Master.”—Damien Echols

“Damien Echols Presents: The Mothman Prophecies – February 23rd

February 23 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

We’re thrilled to announce that a very special guest, author Damien Echols is curating a three part series at The Broad, starting Thursday February 23rd with THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES. Since his wrongful incarceration in 1993 and subsequent release from prison in 2011, Damien has written several books, often in collaboration with his wife Lorri Davis, on hermetic magick as well as a number of autobiographies. Damien appeared on Duncan Trussell’s show Midnight Gospel and, over the years, has been featured in many podcasts, radio interviews and documentaries. Damien will be in person to introduce the film and will stick around afterward for discussion.

Date: February 23
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Cost: $12”

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The Erotic Folktales of Norway — February 12, 2023, online

The Erotic Folktales of Norway with Lena Heide-Brennand from The Last Tuesday Society, February 12, 2023, 19:30 GMT, online.

Hermetic Library Calendar the Erotic Folktales of Norway 12feb2023

“The Erotic Folktales of Norway – Lena Heide-Brennand

Part of the Scandinavian Folklore – Lena Heide-Brennand collection

In this lecture we will be focusing on those steamy, hilarious and astonishingly graphic stories that have been passed down”

“Once upon a time, in the nineteenth century, the famous Norwegian duo P.C. Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe began traveling all around rural Norway, collecting the tales, legends, and fables that the locals had to tell them. Most of these stories were published at the time they were collected and written down. However, there was a significant number of other tales that were suppressed and hidden away due to their explicit depiction of the sexual side of human experience. The manuscripts stayed hidden from public in the archives of the University of Oslo for nearly a century before being brought to light and published in Norway for the first time in 1977 under the title ‘Erotic Folktales from Norway’. It was a huge success and sold a lot of copies and it was obvious that people took a great interest in the adult stories as well. In this lecture we will be focusing on those steamy, hilarious and astonishingly graphic stories that have been passed down through generations in all corners of the cold North.

Like the traditional stories told to children, erotic folktales also include stories about the Hulder, Trolls, the famous Ash Lad, and princesses, as well as sinners and Adam and Eve. The only difference is that these characters are showing a very sexual side of themselves that is meant for adult listeners only. In this lecture, maybe we will find out just how far men would go to experience the intimate company of the alluring Hulder? And what would happen to the women once they were spellbound by the handsome Nøkken before he decided to drown them? Have you ever wondered if the Ash Lad was sexually involved with any of the princesses he visited? Welcome to an evening that might make you blush, laugh and cringe all at the same time. NB! Explicit language and adult content.”


Dion Fortune’s Literary Initiations — February 7, 2023, online

Dion Fortune’s Literary Initiations with Georgia van Raalte from Last Tuesday Society, February 7, 2023, 20:00 GMT, online

Hermetic Library Calendar Dion Fortunes Literary Initiations 7feb2023

“Dion Fortune’s Literary Initiations – Georgia van Raalte

This talk will explore the fictional and magical work of Dion Fortune (1890-1946), one of the most prolific British occult authors”

“Dion Fortune’s Literary Initiations – Georgia van Raalte

Abstract: This talk will explore the fictional and magical work of Dion Fortune (1890-1946), one of the most prolific British occult authors of the interwar period. In her 1936 article ‘The Novels of Dion Fortune’ Fortune claimed that her occult novels—The Winged Bull (1935), The Goat-Foot God (1936), The Sea Priestess (1938) and Moon Magic (published posthumously in 1956)—had an initiatory quality and that reading them, and meditating on their contents, could produce a lasting change, both in personal consciousness, and in the ‘group soul’ of the British people.

Based on Dr van Raalte’s doctoral research, this talk will explore Fortune’s radical initiatory project in the context of interwar Britain. Highlighting Fortune’s innovative use of literary eroticism, this talk will reveal the ways that Fortune’s occult novels both describe changes in consciousness and have the potential to cause them in the reader, through their skillful weaving of polarity, desire and the imaginal world. This talk will further show the potent influence Fortune’s work has had upon modern occultism, interrogating the connections between fiction-based religion, fantasy, and the rise of witchcraft in the contemporary occultural moment.”


Healing as Empaths — January 29, 2023, Online

Healing as Empaths: From Limitation to Liberation with Jane Novak presented by College of Psychic Studies, January 29, 2023, Online

Hermetic Library Calendar Healing as Empaths Jan 2023

“Healing as Empaths: From Limitation to Liberation

Jane Novak

Sunday 29th January 2023: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm (UK Time)

Sensitive people and empaths are the most emotionally perceptive people. They connect with others deeply. Their sensitivity allows them to truly sense the nature of oneness, one consciousness.

However, it can be a significant challenge to navigate the noisy world, bombarded with stimuli and information overload. Our sensitivity can become a hindrance, rather than a true gift that can support our sense of peace and oneness.

Realisation of our true nature is a direct path to peace. As empaths and sensitives, we can use our gift of perception to recognise and truly embody this. This realisation can help us overcome challenges and live in true happiness, unencumbered by the world that constantly challenges us.

It is truly a gift when we find peace and live in harmony and balance, no matter what is happening around us. This livestream workshop will support you in coming home to that peace.

This workshop includes:
· Meditation to feel peace.
· The revelation of your true nature.
· Liberation from negative programming.
·How to live a peace-filled life as a highly sensitive person.
·Processing uncomfortable emotions and releasing them for good.

If you are a highly sensitive person or an empath, you are invited into this safe, inclusive space to realise how gifted you truly are. Come and realise the true power of your gift.”


Raja Ampat – Birds of Paradise & The Coral Triangle — Nov 4–16, 2023, New Guinea, ID

Raja Ampat – Birds of Paradise & The Coral Triangle, Gone With The Wynd Expedition Number XI — Nov 4–16, 2023, New Guinea, ID

Hermetic Library Calendar Raja Ampat Expedition Nov 2023

“Raja Ampat – Birds of Paradise & The Coral Triangle

an expedition by boat on search of Red & Wilson’s Bird of Paradise. Dugongs, Cetaceans, Village Feasts, The World’s Best Snorkelling & Diving….

NOV 04TH 2023 – NOVEMBER 16, 2023

Gone With The Wynd Expedition Number XI – £2800 per person

Join Viktor Wynd on An expedition to Raja Ampat – The Four Kings Archipelago of over 1500 islands of New Guinea’s Bird’s Head Peninsular

Highlights include Red & Wilson’s Bird of Paradise. Dugongs, Cetaceans, Village Feasts, The World’s Best Snorkelling,

The name of Raja Ampat (Raja means king, and empat means four) comes from local mythology that tells of a woman who finds seven eggs. Four of the seven hatch and become kings who occupy four of Raja Ampat’s biggest islands whilst the other three become a ghost, a woman, and a stone.

Raja Ampat is often described as The Last Paradise, and whilst I do not know for certain if it is the most beautiful place on earth I have never been anywhere more beautiful – it is at the very heart of the Coral triangle – the global centre of marine bio-diversity with over 600 species of hard coral (75% of global total – compared to 70 or so in the Caribbean ) over 1700 fish , three different types of turtle, dugongs, whales, dolphins, orcas, 699 moluscs, wobbegong sharks, 250 different types of bird, orchids, carnivorous plants, rock paintings ….

This trip will be a twelve day meander around the islands, our powerful boat will take us to less frequented spots, staying both on the boat and home stays, every day we will wander, trek in the jungle, go birdwatching, snorkel, scuba dive, search for whales, manta rays and turtles meet the locals and join a village celebration where a whole pig is cooked underground with hot stones – a mumu, go fishing (or pig hunting for the brave), explore the mangrove forests, the extraordinary bays and inlets, the myriad islands & remote villages, spot cuscus, bats, forest dragons, monitor lizards & Eclectus parrots, swim in waterfalls or just relax on the world’s most beautiful beaches.”

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Colleen Doran Illustrates Neil Gaiman – March 22–July 29, 2023, New York, NY

Colleen Doran illustrates Neil Gaiman, a solo exhibition, At the Society, March 22–July 29, 2023, New York, NY.

Hermetic Library Calendar Doran Illustrates Gaiman 2023 Chivalry

“Colleen Doran Illustrates Neil Gaiman

March 22 – July 29

In the midst of a long career drawing comics for such titles as Wonder Woman and Legion of Super-Heroes, Colleen Doran has found her artistic Holy Grail in her series of adaptations of Neil Gaiman short stories published by Dark Horse, including her latest masterpiece Chivalry, the Eisner and Bram Stoker Award winning dark fantasy Snow Glass Apples, and The Troll Bridge, a spooky coming-of-age story.

A lifelong enthusiast of Arthurian mythology, Doran longed to adapt Gaiman’s 1998 short story Chivalry, the story of Mrs. Whitaker, a British widow who finds the Holy Grail in a thrift shop and the knight who offers her priceless relics in exchange so he can win the Grail and end his quest. Like the Illuminated manuscripts that inspired her colors and layout, Doran’s lush hand-painted pages for Chivalry are full of symbolism taken from her personal life, world history, and Arthurian legend. Her jewel-toned color palette and detailed drawing make viewing the original artwork a special experience.

Also on view will be several pages from Snow Glass Apples, Doran’s version of Gaiman’s chilling retelling of the Snow White story, drawn in an intricate style influenced by the Irish artist Harry Clarke. The exhibit, curated by Kim A. Munson, editor of the Eisner nominated anthology Comic Art in Museums and 2022 Eisner Awards Judge, will also include works from other Doran/Gaiman titles such as The Sandman, American Gods, Norse Mythology, and others.”


The Undergroundlings live ritual at ⱪ R A ⱨ — Feb 5, 2023, The Hague, NL

The Undergroundlings present live ritual for the 2nd night at ⱪ R A ⱨ fest — Feb 5, 2023, The Hague, NL

The Undergroundlings live ritual at ⱪ R A ⱨ — Feb 5, 2023, The Hague, NL

“5th of February 2023 at ⱪ R A ⱨ (Doors: 19:00 Concerts: 19:30-23:00) The Hague.

ⱪ R A ⱨ – live performances from behind the door. The second evening of a complete dissolution of body existence in the swarming flow of mental melodies, radical personal expression and sharp-edged sounds. This time we come together to cross the realms of hallucinatory states with 4 live acts : Tselem Enosh (NL), Avizohar (Jerusalem), Birthed (NL), The Undergroundlings (NL)”

The Undergroundlings on 5th of February 2023


Will there be a day when someone discovers the secrets of these supernatural events, that reflection of the shadow of the soul that manifests itself between awakening and sleep, in a state of purgatory and unconsciousness?

Sadegh Hedayat, trans Naveed Noori, The Blind Owl [Amazon, Bookshop, Publisher, Local Library]

Hermetic quote Hedayat Noori The Blind Owl discovers secrets supernatural events reflection shadow soul manifests between awakening sleep state purgatory unconsciousness

MUSIC RADIO @ HRMTC listening party: Of Wild Hazel by Blasting Rod

MUSIC RADIO @ HRMTC listening party: Of Wild Hazel by Blasting Rod, Friday, March 25, 8:88pm (aka 9:28) US/Central.

MUSIC RADIO @ HRMTC listening party: Of Wild Hazel by Blasting Rod, Friday, March 25, 8:88pm (aka 9:28) US/Central

This is a special pre-order listening party for Of Wild Hazel [8 – Track / Fake – Track™] by Blasting Rod and also the first every listening party!

Reader’s Theatre: Household Gods, Thu Sep 21, 7-9pm Pacific, in voice chat

Greetings everyone!

I want to invite you to Reader’s Theatre on Hrmtc Underground voice chat on the Third Thursday in September: Thursday, September 21st at 7pm Pacific.

We’re going to share unrehearsed and un-staged reading Household Gods by Aleister Crowley. Consider participating in this by showing up and volunteering to read. If it’s just me, I’ll probably read a few selections; but if there’s some volunteers we may rotate through lines so everyone gets to read a similar amount, not assigned parts. That’s worked pretty well in the past.

Okay, that was the short elevator pitch version. Here’s the longer explanation:

What I have in mind is a low key gathering where people share un-staged and unrehearsed readings of stories, poetry and dramatic works with each other.

The guests of the library are direct inheritors of a rather rich creative culture, both in general and specific. Not only was Aleister Crowley noted for his creative works, but the wider body of poetic and dramatic works from the broad world of contemporaries and those inspired by Aleister Crowley, including many members of the Golden Dawn, offer an amazing array of wonderful culture and artistic heritage we often don’t explore.

Specifically, many people are at least aware that Aleister Crowley was a poet, but few are familiar with the extent of his poetic and dramatic work, both under his own name and under pseudonyms. There’s some few well-known poetic works like the Hymn of Pan and a couple others, but the scope of his poetic output is often unfamiliar. Crowley also wrote quite a number of dramatic works, though most people have only heard of the Rites of Eleusis and perhaps The Ship.


You can find the text of this play at the library, and can have that page open for the event to either follow along or, even better, participate as a reader!

Aleister Crowley’s Household Gods


Recognizing that public speaking and performance are often cited as one of the greatest fears for most people, this will be a safe and supportive environment to explore and expand that personal edge while we share this reading.


This event will take place on Hrmtc Underground’s voice chat for Hermetic Library. So head on over and create an account, if you haven’t already, so you’re all set up for the night of the event.

This is a public event; open to all. There is a suggested contribution of $1.00 to help keep the library going, and consider becoming an ongoing Patron of the work of the library.