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For I must pass
Desolate into the dusk of things again,
Having risen so far to fall to the abyss,
Deeper for exaltation; I must go
Wailing and naked into the inane
Cavernous shrineless place of misery,
Forgetful, hateful, impotent, except
The last initiation seize my soul,
And fling me into Isis’ very self,
The immortal, mortal.

Aleister Crowley, The Fatal Force

Hermetic quote Crowley The Fatal Force pass desolate dusk fall abyss deeper exaltation wailing naked cavernous shrineless misery initiation soul Isis immortal mortal

Evil, and mischief, and misery, and confusion, and vanity, and vexation of spirit, and death, and disease, and assassination, and war, and poverty, and pestilence, and famine, and avarice, and selfishness, and rancour, and jealousy, and spleen, and malevolence, and the disappointments of philanthropy, and the faithlessness of friendship, and the crosses of love—all prove the accuracy of your views, and the truth of your system; and it is not impossible that the infernal interruption of this fall downstairs may throw a colour of evil on the whole of my future existence.

Thomas Love Peacock, Nightmare Abbey [Amazon, Bookshop, Local Library, Internet Archive]

Hermetic quote Peacock evil mischief death disease war all prove accuracy views truth system future existence

Hermetic Library Anthology Album Mega Pack for your last minute gifting needs in 2013

I wanted to mention again the previously announced ongoing special offer on the complete 2011-2013 music collection from the Hermetic Library Anthology Project which includes separate individual download codes for 9 complete Magick, Music and Ritual digital albums for an especially reasonable rate over buying each piecemeal. And, you know, since it’s all digital downloads, these are something that could be given last minute or even belatedly, if needs must and I would endeavor to help get you sorted in a timely fashion. You may be interested in this for your seasonal gifting needs at the end of 2013, or maybe for your own selfish but still completely valid wants.


Hermetic Library Anthology Album Mega Pack - The Complete Music Collection 2011 - 2013


All 9 anthology albums are available immediately, everything that has been released so far from the very first Yule 2011 issue through the newest Fall 2013 album recently released, and which completes the 2nd full year of albums, to coincide with astronomical Samhain, at 15° Scorpio.

These anthology albums offer the work of over 70 amazing musicians who are inspired by or incorporate the Western Esoteric Tradition into their work, and who have contributed their work to this benefit anthology album project. The entire 2011-2013 collection contains over 12 hours of music. Each album is a carefully created playlist that also combines with all the others into one enormous playlist as well.

The full list of musicians, artists, tracks and more can be found on the Hermetic Library’s Anthology Project Pages.

Downloads are available in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. And, each download code can be used individually, or given out as gifts to friends and family.

Grab the entire collection today, either one of each album to get the whole collection or some combination of 9 download codes you desire to have or gift, in order to help support the continuing work of the Hermetic Library, help cover hosting costs and other expenses like materials acquisitions, and support new efforts and growth in the years to come!


Hermetic Library Anthology Album Mega Pack


The Complete Music Collection 2011 - 2013




This track belongs to an ongoing series on the Tunnels of Set, and was created as the grounding of the tunnel of Malkunofat. This exploration consisted in a mythical descent to the Underworld of Ereshkigal in order to learn her teachings on the real nature of death. This didn’t come without a price, since it is naked and bowed low that Inanna enters her throne room. Yet it is rewarding to never protect your life, so you can throw it away whenever you need to.

y3mk is a music solo project from Pablo Barron, born in Donosti in the Basque Country and established in Madrid, Spain. His music is influenced by a wide arrange of artists and genres, though mostly created through the use of computers.

He often considers songs lacking an inner dimension intertwined with them as a hollow husks, and conceives music as the extirpation of the inner pouring it into an outer form, therefore an useful tool for the exploration and knowledge of the self. Pablo is also a humble servant of Cracky-Chan: Urban Mermaid, Reluctant Angel, and Cyberpunk Princess of the Wired.

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Magick, Music and Ritual 9, the Fall 2013 anthology album from the Hermetic Library
Hermetic Library Anthology Project – Magick Music and Ritual 9


In the Company of the White Rabbit


In the Company of the White Rabbit
(Radio Free Clear Light)

Radio Free Clear Light is a collective of artists devoted to experimental, electro-acoustic improvisation music as a collaborative mystical practice. Our approach draws its inspiration from Thelemic and Discordian thought, and other schools of esoteric wisdom. We use digital and analog electronics, found sound sources, vocals and a variable set of traditional musical instruments in an improvisational process that yields results as eerie as they are sublime. Stylistically speaking, our output contains elements of dark ambient, industrial, dub, IDM, minimalism, noise, shamanic and psychedelic musics, drones and free jazz.

Central to our philosophy is that all people are musicians, whether or not they believe themselves to be. It is our intent to create spaces of musical freedom where all people are participants, actively creating the unique and changing soundscape with their presence and sustained attention. In this way, the music created is always site-specific, altered each moment by the environment and musical contributions of the those in attendance.

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Research on presence
has brought to us
a blindingly strange

In order to evoke an illusion
it is said
things might work better
in the company
of the white rabbit.

Thereafter we are set free
to explore different mediations
of virtual reality.

Then again, snow
despite its being a major concept
in this field,
is most often overlooked or confused
in various studies
in the field of cognition.

Such problems can’t be avoided
without the help of
external perceptual inputs.
Soon the entire process
tends to disappear,

It will go on to form
a space-time referent
in which one will
be able to experience
a particular sensation.

Various theories
have been proposed
They all amount to
gooble gobble
gooble gobble.

Electric fire
purely evoked
by our mind
the dream.


Magick, Music and Ritual 9, the Fall 2013 anthology album from the Hermetic Library
Hermetic Library Anthology Project – Magick Music and Ritual 9


Zum schwarzen Ferkel (Oktober Mix)


Zum schwarzen Ferkel (Oktober Mix)

This mix created for Magick, Music and Ritual 9.

Antibarbarus is based in Eskilstuna, Sweden, sometimes channeling the ghost of August Strindberg, using field recordings, electronics, and guitars.

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Magick, Music and Ritual 9, the Fall 2013 anthology album from the Hermetic Library
Hermetic Library Anthology Project – Magick Music and Ritual 9