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A Message for this Christmas


A message from Manly P. Hall, set to a nice video of a fireplace, suggested by nireiny. This isn’t your father’s Yule Log on the TV.

“There is something to do besides waste time. We have become the greatest time wasters of all history, because we have created a vast entertainment world, which is not very entertaining, in which we escape from responsibility into something that is little better than nothing. This idea of looking for entertainment to escape from self is not good. If we were more critical on these points, we would get better entertainment. We would have things we really want to see or places we really want to go. But, simply to go and work for a number of years, retire on social security, and consider ourselves to be fortunate when we don’t have to work anymore, is an illusion. It’s the most terrible illusion of all. We’re only happy when we’re doing something useful, something constructive, something that helps others or improves ourselves as useful citizens.”