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CUTHBERT: You worship a god who doesn’t even know you exist.

ASHTON: And you worship one who sees your mind as food, and nothing more. You’re like a blade of grass worshiping a cow.

CUTHBERT: Let’s just agree to disagree.

Alan Ryker, When Cthulhu Met Atlach-Nacha

Hermetic quote Ryker Met disagree

Anatomically correct human skull … 100% chocolate

100% Chocolate Skulls, Anatomically Correct Human skull from Black Chocolate Co may be of interest … for reasons [HT Laughing Squid].

Black Chocolate Co Anatomically Correct Human Skull

“These anatomically accurate, life size chocolate skulls are hand cast from a mould taken from a genuine human skull and are available in the following choices of the finest Belgian chocolate:

Dark chocolate
Chilli chocolate
Caramel chocolate
Milk Chocolate

These unique chocolate skulls will be a great present for a loved one or an incredible addition to an event that will get everyone talking.

The skulls are handmade, finished and then dusted in fine cocoa powder in a sterile environment and will be edible for up to 6 months when kept in a cool, dry area (NOT in a fridge).

If you just want to display it (again, in a cool and dry area), it will practically keep forever (we have one kept in a glass box on our book case).

As these skulls are hand cast, individual and unique, each will show differing characteristics (the skull shown with the cracked brow, for example) and we feel that this adds to each skull’s individual charm.

With that said, any showing signs of moulding defects are of course melted down and recast.

Some skulls may show evidence of what could appear to be mould, but in actual fact this is chocolate bloom, or ‘blooming’, an inherent part of the casting process which does not affect the chocolate in any way (and only adds to the skull’s gnarly, ‘fresh from the ground’ look)

Each skull contains: 1.5 kg of quality Belgian chocolate (may contain traces of nuts)”

Cooking with Qabalah

Cooking with Qabalah
Cooking with Qabalah, originally uploaded by Marjan Šetar.


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