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Strange Factories

Strange Factories – Trailer HD from FoolishPeople on Vimeo.


“‘Do you know what’s about to happen?’
‘Yes. But, it’s a secret.'”


“A writer, haunted by an idea for a new story hunts for four refugee performers of a theatre destroyed in a mysterious fire.

He locates his friends in a remote, pagan settlement founded by Stronheim; owner of a Strange Factory hidden deep in the local countryside that emits an infamous Hum.

Victor enters into a dangerous pact when a vow is made to re-build their theatre if the story is completed in time for it to be performed at the village festival, where bizarre rituals are enacted by the Villagers under the influence of a hallucinogenic effluence siphoned out of the Strange Factory.

Victor’s imagination and the fragmented memories of his friends collide in a violent fiction that not everyone can survive.
Strange Factories’ is an immersive feature film; a uniquely powerful and original project that fuses cinema with a dreamlike environment to create an experience like no other.

Principal photography on Strange Factories was completed in Prague and the UK in October 2011 and is currently in post-production with release scheduled for 2012.”

Atu XVIII – the Moon – Video Painting

Atu XVIII – the Moon – Video Painting from Harlequinade Art on Vimeo.


“An ambient video for the Abattoir Pages production by Foolish People and Guerrilla Zoo. Based on Atu XVIII the Moon card in the Tarot, this is a collaborative piece using 2D artwork by P. Emerson Williams and audio by Zane Kanevsky. Created as a single channel looping installation.

P. Emerson Williams:

Zane Kanevsky:


The Hermetic Library video pool is an experimental scavenger hunt for video from a living Western Esoteric Tradition.

Motion pictures have a peculiar kind of magic certainly, but these are video records of people, places and events inspired by the ideas of Western Esotericism and Mysticism. Music video, interviews, rituals, instruction, documentaries, dramatizations — This group helps create a space for saving and sharing these records with others.