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Strange Factories

Strange Factories is a film written and directed by John Harrigan, and is due to be released simultaneously to digital download in a variety of formats on the occasion of its premiere in the cinema on October 26th, 2013. The premiere will launch a bit of a scheduled tour around England, but starts off at The Cinema Museum from Oct 26th – Oct 31st, 2013.

Strange Factories – Trailer from FoolishPeople on Vimeo.

“Victor is a writer, possessed by a terrifying story, hunting for refugee performers of a theatre destroyed in a mysterious fire. Drawn to a remote settlement founded by the mysterious Stronheim, he finds his friends under the wing of an aristocratic noble and her childlike ward. A dangerous pact is made between Victor and Stronheim: The destroyed theatre will be reconstructed, and in return, Victor must complete his story — no matter the cost.

Experience the madness and terror of haunted cinema, as you witness the film unravel inside Stronheim’s factory and its characters come to life around you. Strange Factories draws on ancient theatrical traditions and mystical exploration, to wrench at the heart of what it means to be human. Will you allow it to show you the wonder behind the moving pictures — the dreams of violent imagination?

Not everyone can survive the violence of Creation.” [via]

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Theatric Arcana

Theatric Arcana is a tumblog which appears to be a collaboration between Dakota Crane (aka louddetective), contributor to the Hermetic Library visual pool, and the people over at FoolishPeople, and is an interesting and curious tie-in to the film Strange Factories.

Theatric Arcana 1

The tumblog is a series of posts which are comprised of images of various illustrated envelopes and the pages of correspondence contained within each, a kind of sequential performance art and roleplaying piece. It really is the similarity to the correspondence-based psychodrama that I’ve been dabbling with over at De Profundis that caused Theatric Arcana to catch my eye. Anyhow, you may be interested in checking out the tumblog, and the film.

Theatric Arcana 2

Entering the Theatre of Manifestation (Appendix 1)

Entering the Theatre of Manifestation (Appendix 1)” is a track added by David B Metcalfe in the Hermetic Library audio pool.


“Place is Everything to Me in Terms of Magic…” – John Harrigan, FoolishPeople

It’s a fool’s quest to go seeking strange angels and emergent archetypes in the muddled minds of the contemporary world. What more to seek to manifest them, confront them, engage with them in the hopes of giving some sense of trans-spiritual renewal to the blighted urbanism and abandoned traditions of today. So it is that the FoolishPeople step forward to take a task that few would be willing to see through, they have sought entry into the Theatre of Manifestation, and the gifts that they return with are pregnant with the possibilities of art and magic.

This Appendix provides a brief insight from FoolishPeople’s John Harrigan regarding the use of place in creating the proper resonance for their work. Harrigan also discusses the importance of developing a personal relationship with the history and ‘spirit’ of the location, and how these relationships can help to heal painful cultural memories.

For more information on FoolishPeople’s work visit: foolishpeople.org


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