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The Cult of Elvis


“Why the King of Rock’n’Roll Died for Your Sins P42”

Elvis image credited to the First Church of Jesus Christ, Elvis


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Newly posted Jack Sargeant review of The Legend of Aleister Crowley

Newly posted Jack Sargeant review of The Legend of Aleister Crowley at The Legend originally appeared in The Fortean Times.

“The Legend was the first serious attempt to challenge the ongoing vilification of the poet, mountaineer, magician, and Thelemite. Drawing attention to Crowley’s work from the an aesthetic and philosophical perspective, and the tabloid press’s rote response to it, Stephensen’s book offers what would could be considered a bastardized version of a deconstructive media analysis, albeit written in a voice that owes more to Edwardian jurisprudence than Post-Modern theory.

Now re-published in full – including, for the first time, Stephenson’s opening philippic against James Douglas, then editor of the Sunday Express – the book and its exhaustive and engrossing introduction by Stephen J King, offers a unique perspective on the contemporaneous response to Crowley’s work.” [via]

This book that’s the subject of this review was republished recently in 2007 by O.T.O. Australia.

And is distributed in the States by Weiser Antiquarian (although they appear to have a variety of other editions as well): The Legend of Aleister Crowley. A Study of the Facts.