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Added part VI of David Richard JonesIn Operibus Sigillo Dei Aemeth, “Galethog” to the site today. I’m still proofing this document, but it’s up on the site today so you can take a gander!

“Uriel. Thou must refer thy numbers therein contained, to the Upper Circle. For, from thence, all things in the inward parts, shall be comprehended. Look if thou understand it.

Δ I find it to be GALETHOG;

Uriel. it is so.

Δ — I thank God and you, I understand now (also) the numbers annexed.

Uriel. As this darkness is lightened, by the spirit of God, herein; So will I lighten, yea so will the Lord lighten your Imperfections, and glorify your minds to the sight of innumerable most holy and unspeakable Mysteries.”