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Silver and garnet pomegranate pendant

This pomegranate pendant is made of silver and garnet by WingedLion is available in small and large sizes

WingedLion's Silver and Garnet Pomegranate Pendant large

“For ages, pomegranates have symbolized love, fertility, and abundance. Inspired by the ancient myth of Persephone, the queen of the underworld and the goddess of spring growth, this beautiful pendant was designed by me (Natalia Moroz) and crafted by the jewelry designer Sergey Zhiboedov (my husband).

The pendant is shaped as a half of a ripe pomegranate, and its left side is set with 16 garnet cabochons (3×5 mm each). On the right side of the pendant, there is a relief of a naked woman. The back of the pendant is textured to imitate the rough pomegranate skin. The pendant is made of sterling silver and has been oxidized to bring out the details. The pendant is stamped with the jeweler’s mark and 925 (silver)

The pendant is 1.25″ (31 mm) wide, 1.5″(37 mm) high, and 0.4″(10 mm) deep. Wide bail (chain opening). The chain is not included.” [via]

WingedLion's Silver and Garnet Pomegranate Pendant small