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The Rule of Colel and Manuscript 2344

Walter C Cambra has sent “The Rule of Colel and Manuscript 2344” which is now in the collection at the Reading Room. This essay explores the topic of a manuscript with the number of the beast from Revelation 13:18 as 665 and since the “rule of colel” offers “one unit can be added to, or subtracted from. the gematria value of a word” that there is a simple equivalency resolution to the apparent difference from the “better attested and well-known ‘666’”.

Walter C Cambra The Rule of Colel and Manuscript 2344

Introduction to Gematria on Aug 4, 2013

Introduction to Gematria is an online class with François Cartier on Sunday, Aug 4, 2013, offered through Thelesis Aura Online Academy.

“Gematria is the practice of finding meaningful relationships between words of the same value, analyzing them, and using them for esoteric work. A component of Practical Qabalahistic studies, understanding Gematria is key to understanding other aspects of the Western Mystery Traditions.

The online class will introduce participants to the practice of Gematria, its origin, its purpose, and how to calculate the value of a word and compare it to others of the same value. Instructions on how to start one’s own dictionary of Gematria will be given. François will also demonstrate his new eBook CARTIER’S DICTIONARY OF GEMATRIA; a cross-referenced hyperlink tool published and sold by Thelesis Aura.”