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Call for submissions on the research topic Enneagrams

I am announcing today an ongoing call for submissions on Enneagrams, and related specific research topics such as George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, Fourth Way, and so on. These are topics that would be of interest to the audience of the library, which includes academics, researchers, practitioners, and the curious.

Hermetic Library Call for Submissions on Research Topics

If you would like to pitch a new work, please pitch your idea! Hermetic Library would like to encourage you to create your new art, writing, video, or … something else? Gratitude, gratis music downloads, and an honorarium payment, supported by the ongoing Patrons of the library, are all available for creators of successful submissions.

If you have an existing work, please consider submitting that to the Hermetic Library Zine. Hermetic Library irregularly issues a ‘zine with various materials, when there are enough submissions available.

There’s also a lot that could be done for the library, in terms of adding key entries into Hermeneuticon wiki and more. So, consider getting in touch if you are willing and able to help.

This research topic was suggested by one of my ongoing Patrons with the Research Topic perk. If you’d like to participate in the submissions process, or help in developing research topics, become a Patron of Hermetic Library today!