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The Cosmopolis Project

The Cosmopolis Project is something new pointed out to me by @Apophatos. You may be interested in checking this out and keeping an eye on what they are doing.

“Based on the ancient philosophical idea of the cosmopolis or world community, the Cosmopolis Project seeks to enhance contemporary life by investigating and encouraging the development of six core values that can help transform our current “global civilization” into a genuine world community—a world community that is culturally satisfying, spiritually fulfilling, and ecologically sustainable.

The project seeks to explore and encourage the following six core values:

  • A felt sense of our bond with the larger cosmos and world-order of which we are a part
  • A vision of living nature and an appreciation of nature’s intelligence
  • An ethical concern for others based on our intrinsic kinship with all of humanity
  • A vision of education based on the cultivation of human flourishing, interdisciplinary insight, and the cultural literacy demanded by life in a global civilization
  • Collaboration with nature in a creative, life-enhancing, participatory way
  • The creation of a world that is beautiful and not just functional

To receive further information and occasional updates on our work, publications, seminars, and initiatives—including access to free papers, downloads, and the new ALEXANDRIA journal—please provide your name and email address. Our full website will be available online in the near future here, at: