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GnosticNYC Network patron campaign

Tony Silvia and the GnosticNYC team have started a patronage campaign on Patreon to help them create Gnostic education materials, including their ongoing podcast and video channel as well as additional ideas for the future.

GnosticNYC Patreon campaign

“The GnosticNYC Network is the best source in the English-speaking world for videos and podcasts about Gnosticism. Our shows cover a variety of topics and feature a wide range of interesting and knowledgeable guests. As of this minute, we release about 9 pieces of video and audio media each month between our YouTube channel and our podcasts. With your support, we hope to bring you even more great content. We’re in a position, right now, where we have more ideas than resources to produce them, and we hope that this Patreon campaign will help us increase our ability to create more shows for you.”