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The Light: AFTERLife

The Light : AFTERLife from David V Barron on Vimeo.


“My late grandfather was a man of presence, with great insight and intelligence. Polish in origin, he fled to Great Britain after Germany’s invasion of Poland along with 160,000 other members of the Polish Army, who were attached to the British army, alongside British forces in 1939.

He had a will and integrity of steel, had an outstanding capacity for inspiration and shared many a story with a loving patience that I will forever remember. His effect on my life and my development as a human being has been and continues to be, absolutely remarkable.

Making this film was a deeply personal and cathartic process and has mentally prepared me for the next phase in my personal development and direction. I have felt compelled and guided to make it, which became all the more profound with the synchronicity of receiving twenty of his cine reels, which I wasn’t aware existed. Here in this film I talk to my partner about him and using just a few of those reels, I have been able to scratch at the surface of an extraordinary man.

This film concentrates purely on his spiritual insights and beliefs and poses the question, what of the afterlife, of life AFTER death?”


The Light: AFTERLife is a video from David V Barron, with music composed by Guillaume Chaucheprat, with lyrics, and performance, by Simon Binkenborn, in the Hermetic Library video pool.