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Guy Fawkes Bandana Mask

It’s a Guy Fawkes bandana that you can use as a mask! These are on pre-sale by GiantEye in his shop.



“Need to become Anonymous on demand? Could carrying a revolutionary around in your pocket change the world? Become the face of the movement.

Fold this bandana in half to transform into the famous fawksy provocateur from the comic pages. It’s perfect for protecting yourself from sudden dust storms and outbreaks of authoritarianism. Keep your neck warm during those cold sit-ins. Use it as an impromptu rucksack to cart your gear from Zuccotti Park when the cleaners come. Cut eye holes to wear as a full face mask for added anonymity. Flag Fawkes. This is the hanky code for revolution.

This item is available on presale. Your bandana will be printed on demand and shipped to you 2-3 weeks after your purchase.

*For every bandana ordered one will be sent to one of the Occupy branches worldwide. Double your effect and increase the anonymity!*”