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Multisensory Dreams — April 16, 2023, Halifax, UK

Multisensory Dreams, with Phil Legard’s Hawthonn, Sunday 16 April 2023, at Victoria Theatre, Halifax, UK.

Hermetic Library Calendar Multisensory Dreams 16apr2023 Halifax UK

“Multisensory Dreams: an immersive and unique audiovisual experience featuring talented musicians and artists that will captivate your senses

Sensory Illusions is the guitar-tuba duo of legendary Scottish multi-instrumentalist Bill Wells alongside outstanding young musician and improvisor Danielle Price. A prolific composer, multi-instrumentalist, improvisor, arranger and collaborator since the early 1990’s, many of Well’s lyrics, melodies and harmonies manifest in dreams and are hastily notated. Wells’s brilliant original compositions are the perfect catalyst for the playful mastery, silly seriousness, darkness and light of Bill and Danielle’s intimate musical interactions, which are a joy to experience.

Hawthonn’s gorgeous evocative and adventurous soundworlds are strongly influenced by dreams, visions and the natural world. Leeds-based duo Layla and Phil Legard make us feel alive with their subtle yet forceful, meditative yet invigorating, cerebral yet visceral music. For this event they’re bringing their recent multisensory collaboration with Borehole (Graham McKercher), which incorporates audio/visuals/smells to stimulate our senses.

Markita Hayward is a Colne Valley-based artist with a huge range of evocative and powerful imagery and ideas to share. For this event, Markita has specially prepared ‘Giant Flowers’; a story of a transformational journey, inspired by a recent vivid and highly sensory dream, which will be illustrated with her beautiful, inspiring and ever-evolving artwork, with a focus on recent work but incorporating imagery created as long as 50 years ago. “