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Handmade leather boots with a Baphomet design

A pair of custom, handmade leather boots with a Baphomet design on them, made by Pascal of Riff Raff Leather, posted at “These Boots are Made For Walpurgisnacht” and worth checking out.

Baphomet boots by Pascal

“Plans were quickly hatched for a swell pair of custom cowboy boots. He did tracings of my feet, took many measurements, and went into his chopper-filled workshop to work his black magic.

Wanting something unique that would truly showcase Pascal’s talents, I asked for a design featuring Baphomet, the goat-headed deity supposedly worshipped by the Knights Templar. I dug around until I found a nice copy of the famous engraving of Baphomet created by Eliphas Levi, and we were off.” [via]

Baphomet boots by Pascal detail