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In the same manner, the concealed meaning or hidden truth was to the ignorant and rude people of early times entirely unknown, while the priests and the more learned kept studiously concealed the meaning of the ceremonies and symbols. Thus, the primitive idea became mixed with profligate, debased ceremonies, and lascivious rites, which in time caused the more pure part of the worship to be forgotten. But Phallicism is not to be judged from these sacred orgies, any more than Christianity from the religious excitement and wild excesses of a few Christian sects during the Middle Ages.

Hargrave Jennings, Phallicism from Phallic Worship

Hermetic quote Jennings Phallic Worship concealed meaning hidden truth entirely unknown priests ceremonies symbols primitive profligate debased lascivious rites pure part forgotten

Phallic Miscellanies

You may be interested in “Phallic Miscellanies” by Hargrave Jennings which was recently added to Project Gutenberg.

Facts and Phases of Ancient and Modern
As Illustrated Chiefly in the
Religions of India,
Phallism and Nature Worship.”

“All that it is necessary to say by way of preface to this book is, that, having in various former volumes, entitled severally Phallism, Nature Worship, Phallic Objects, &c., entered at some length into a consideration of the peculiarities indicated by these denominations, we now propose laying before our readers an additional mass of important matter which illustrates and throws further light upon the subject. This has been sought out with great labour and research amongst the most trustworthy sources of information, and will form a valuable appendix to the several volumes in question.”