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Orphic Hymn to Hekate in Ancient Greek

Orphic Hymn to Hekate in Ancient Greek” is a video by Melissaofthebees [HT irrumatrix]

My offering to Hekate, at Hekate’s Deipnon, sung in Ancient Greek.


Εἰνοδίαν Ἑκάτην κλῄζω, τριοδῖτιν, ἐραννήν,
οὐρανίαν χθονίαν τε καὶ εἰναλίαν, κροκόπεπλον,
τυμβιδίαν, ψυχαῖς νεκύων μέτα βακχεύουσαν,
Περσείαν, φιλέρημον, ἀγαλλομένην ἐλάφοισιν,
νυκτερίαν, σκυλακῖτιν, ἀμαιμάκετον βασίλειαν,
θηρόβρομον, ἄζωστον, ἀπρόσμαχον εἶδος ἔχουσαν,
ταυροπόλον, παντὸς κόσμου κληιδοῦχον ἄνασσαν,
ἡγεμόνην, νύμφην, κουροτρόφον, οὐρεσιφοῖτιν,
λισσομένοις κούρην τελεταῖς ὁσίαισι παρεῖναι
βουκόλῳ εὐμενέουσαν ἀεὶ κεχαρηότι θυμῷ.

ee-no-dee-an e-ka-teen klee-ee-zo, tree-o-dee-teen e-ra-neen
ou-ra-nee-an htho-nee-an te kee-na-lee-an, kro-ko-pe-plon
teem-bee-dee-an, psee-hes ne-kee-on me-ta bak-he-vou-san
per-see-an, fee-le-ree-mon, a-gal-lo-me-neen e-la-fee-seen
neek-te-ree-an, skee-la-kee-teen, a-me-ma-ke-ton va-see-lee-an
thee-ro-vro-mon, a-sos-ton, a-pros-ma-hon ee-dos e-hou-san,
tav-ro-po-lon, pa-dos kos-mou klee-ee-dou-hon a-nas-san,
ee-ye-mo-neen, neem-feen, kou-ro-tro-fon, ou-re-see-fee-teen,
lees-so-me-nees kou-reen te-le-tes o-see-e-see pa-ree-ne,
vou-ko-lo ev-me-ne-ou-san a-ee ke-ha-ree-o-tee thee-mo.

Hekate Symposium 2013 at Glastonbury on Jun 1st

Hekate Symposium 2013 will be held in Glastonbury, UK on Sat, Jun 1st, 2013.

Hekate Symposium Jun 1st 2013 at Glastonbury, UK

“Devotees, Priestesses, Priests and students of Her Mysteries from all around the country – and indeed the world – will gather for the second annual Hekate Symposium.”

“This is a unique one-day event which is entirely dedicated to the Goddess Hekate and her Mysteries, which will comprise scholarly presentations, ceremonies, meditations, pathworkings, chanting and ritual theatre throughout the day! Packed full of Hekatean delights from 10am – 10pm on Saturday, 1 June 2013. Facilitators and presenters this year include authors Sorita d’Este, Georgi Mishev, Emily Carding, Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, as well as Amelia Ounsted, Hazel, Sophia Kirke and numerous other Priestesses, Priests and Devotees giving their time, knowledge and talents to making this community event happen as an act of devotion.

This will be Georgi Mishev‘s first lecture in the UK, and those readers who enjoyed his work THRACIAN MAGIC will be particulary interested to know that he will be speaking on some of the material in the book, and leading a blessing ceremony in his native Bulgarian. Emily Carding (Cornwall) has – especially for this event – written a Ritual Drama, bringing together her knowledge and experience of working and studying Acting with that of her spiritual and ceremonial work to create something truly magical. The talks and lectures being given are all absolutely unique to this event. Many of the speakers at this years’ event are professionals and academics in their own fields, speaking exclusively at the Hekate Symposium about their work with the Goddess Hekate, driven by their passion for sharing knowledge and experience about Her Mysteries.” [via]