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Next day, the victims each receive a letter explaining that their receipt of the objects effected the delivery of a curse. The hex will cause them to come to know their true desires, symbolized by the magical objects. They will also now begin to realize they are acting as enemies of the human race by commodifying desire and working as the agents of soul-Control. The magic art-objects will weave into their dreams and desires, making their jobs now seem not only poisonously boring but also morally destructive. Their desires so magically awakened will ruin them for work in the Media – unless they turn to subversion and sabotage.

Hakim Bey, The Occult Assault on Institutions

Hermetic quote Bey Wilson The Occult Assault on Institutions letter curse hex know true desires symbolized magical objects acting enemies human race commodifying desire ruin subversion sabotage



“Centaur” by Hex from Vast Halos

“If you hear those horsemen coming
I’ll tell you now it’s gonna be all right
Hills resounding to their drumming
Down the valley and into the night

Oh baby, you don’t have to worry
Everything is justifed
Oh baby, you don’t have to worry
Everything is on your side

Cause were going to a land
Where everybody’s gonna understand
That the time has come
Now go and get ready

I won’t even look behind me
A dusty picture of my old life
Press my face into the shoulder
Of the one with the colored eyes”