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Tet Su Ka Re

Tet Su Ka Re
Untitled, originally uploaded by Kyla Dawn Clay.


“I adopted the magickal name, Tetsukare, in 2003 after a simple ritual involving a Ouija board. I attempted to make contact with my former “self” as so many of us do. What follows is my experience. The name was spelt in full without spaces. The intelligence identified itself as an Egyptian priest. It certainly “sounded” Egyptian but at the time I had little to no knowledge of the oldest known language of Ancient Egypt. I inquired about such things as cause of death, to which the response was “fell off a ladder”. Besides being terrified of ladders to this day, I figured this could even be an astral or initiatory ladder. It wasn’t until a few years later that I actually decided it was time to “test it”. And after a little research I found that I could very literally translate it into hieroglyphs, even a sentence by breaking it down into syllables.

Tetsukare — The strength and stability of Thebes, soul of the Sun.

Tet: The Tet or Djed Pillar is the oldest symbol of Osiris, associated with strength and stability.
Su: The Reed or Su plant was used to symbolize Upper Egypt-Thebes was the administrative center.
Ka: One of the 3 complex parts of the Egyptian Soul but its also a symbol of praise hence the up-stretched arms.
Re: The Sun and chief cosmic deity.”


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