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Elmer Crowley

Elmer Crowley: a katabasic nekyia [also] by Tom Bradley (who you may recognize as the author of My Hands Were Clean from Unlikely Stories), illustrated by David Aronson & Nick Patterson, from Mandrake of Oxford, may be of interest. You can read the first two chapters at Tom Bradley’s site.

Tom Bradley David Aronson Nick Patterson Elmer Crowley from Mandrake of Oxford

“Bless me,
curse me.
For better or worse, my fallopian fall into matter…

After making careful preparations to ensure himself a proper reincarnation, the dying ALEISTER CROWLEY flubs one syllable of the magickal incantation … and comes back as ELMER FUDD.” — back cover

“After making careful preparations to ensure himself a proper reincarnation, the dying Aleister Crowley flubs one syllable of the magickal incantation…and comes back as Elmer Fudd.

The Great Beast never manages to figure out where he is. His Elmer Fudd senses don’t seem to work well, so he sees everything a bit cock-eyed. Bugs Bunny is a strange gray presence with a couple of penile protuberances rising from its head. Daffy Duck is a horrendously irritating black entity.

Crowley tries to interpret his experience in terms of the Egyptian and Tibetan Books of the Dead, plus the Greek Eleusinian mysteries, the Theravada school, etc. Madame Blavatsky keeps rearing her disapproving head.

There are two orgy scenes, one in the cartoon world, and a parallel one in Pasadena of 1910. These are full of unspeakable depravity and monstrosity, taken from Crowley’s own horror fiction, plus cute little Tweety Pie, who plays the part of Baubo, the headless Greek comedienne-demoness.

Crowley faces this bizarre and terrifying predicament with all the aplomb, humor and astonishing courage that he displayed throughout his occult life.” [via]

Problem Glyphs

Problem Glyphs is a patronage campaign by Eliza Gauger that may be of interest.

Eliza Gauger Problem Glyphs

“Problem Glyphs are an ongoing project in which I create symbolic illustrations in response to problems sent in by the public.

This Patreon will focus on collective rewards, in order to continue the Problem Glyphs project’s goal of horizontal counsel and assistance.

I started doing Problem Glyphs in November of 2013, and have created over 60 70 80 glyphs since then. These symbolic illustrations draw on my background in esoteric occultism, aesthetic symbolism, mythology, psychology, and hedge ‘magic’ to encourage, support, and counsel the people who seek them out.”