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Enochian Chess set … sold!

Just yesterday Weiser Antiquarian sent out an email about their catalog #92 New, Used & Rare Books: A Miscellany which included a boxed Enochian Chess set produced in very limited numbers by Adam McLean back in 1988. Even at over $600, that set is already sold; which both surprises me and doesn’t surprise me. It was certainly the item from the catalog that caught my eye, but, seriously, over $600 for a papercraft Enochian Chess set?! I mean … it’s enough to make me seriously think about actually following through with making some sets like I’ve imagined doing recently.

Adam McLean’s Enochian Chess set was No. 6 in the Hermetic Research Series, and is out of print. You can see some images of the pieces and pawns over at the Alchemy Web Site.

For some reason, Enochian Chess has been on my mind recently. Of course, there’s a bit about that in the venerable The Golden Dawn: The Original Account of the Teachings, Rites & Ceremonies of the Hermetic Order (Llewellyn’s Golden Dawn Series). And, there’s also used copies of Enochian Chess of the Golden Dawn: A Four-Handed Chess Game (Llewellyn’s Golden Dawn) available for those seeking more information, and some okay illustrations for those looking to construct their own sets, without having the chops to do their own artwork; but, it still requires effort of the mundane-crafty kind that some might not possess.

There is some information in the library about Enochian Chess; mostly in David Richard Jones’ Invisible College which recently was added to the site, such as OFFICIAL RITUAL By G. H. FRATER D.D.C.F., THE CONCOURSE OF THE FORCE: ENOCHIAN OR ROSICRUCIAN CHESS, a section for Rosicrucian Chess in Bookmarks for Enochian Gfx-L and Michael Arndt’s Chess Boards. But, it’s all still really DIY.

I’ve definitely imagined a papercraft set produced by the Museum of Lost Wonder, in the same style and attention to detail as the Tomb of Illumination, a papercraft tomb of Christian Rosenkreutz which I’ve posted about before. How awesome would that be? Pretty darn, I’d say.

But, I’ve been looking over some of the work I’ve done in the past and thought that, although it would be a big stretch and a really big project, I could do a pretty awesome set if I put my mind to it. I’ve imagined making an downloadable PDF for an Enochian Chess set available at the library a couple of times, but I’ve also been thinking of producing some sets with nice boards, boards with a plexiglass surface and felted underneath; and, I’ve been thinking about how I’d go about making some nice pieces. Heck, everyone is all over kickstarting things these days, and I can imagine doing something like that to help support the library. I wonder if anyone would be interested in that? Maybe a kickstarter campaign with a full PDF and instructions for a papercraft set at the low end and at the upper end an actual set hand made and ready to play? Anyone?

The Enochian and Thelemic Works of David Richard Jones

Welcome to David Richard Jones, who is the newest guest to have a personal site at the Hermetic Library. The new guest site is The Enochian and Thelemic Works of David Richard Jones. David is a noted scholar, and author of numerous articles on Freemasonry, Magick, Enochian and Biblical and Religious Studies; who is also purported to be a member of numerous secret societies.

While David has already been a contributor to the library, with material available in An Enochian Miscellany, I’ve been working to consolidate what is already on the site and, moreover, to improve the presentation of that for this new guest site. David also has decades of additional Enochian and Thelemic material that we have been working together to make available on the site for the first time.

The Enochian and Thelemic Works of David Richard Jones is going to be even more interesting and promises to continue the tradition of excellence. There are currently three primary areas of focus for this new guest site: Enochian Studies, Thelema and Historical.

I’ve already been posting about a large amount of historical materials that is new to the site in both The Oratory of the Enochian Forum and The Invisible College, and there’s a significant number of documents to explore in those restored archives. You can also check through those posts on this blog by gandering at the categories for The Oratory of the Enochian Forum and The Invisible College. There’s actually still much from the Invisible College that I haven’t posted about, so there’s still gems there you can discover.

The section for David Richard Jones’ Thelemic work contains material that is entirely new to the site, and some that’s not readily available elsewhere. There’s currently a collection of essays and a few of those have been a bit controversial, so be sure to check them out! Two of these are derived from postings on the old Beast Bay forum, which has gone offline and haven’t been available except for via some snapshots in the Internet Archives’ Wayback Machine. (There’s actually a lot of Beast Bay material there.)

The final section is David’s Enochian Studies and there’s a mix here of material. I’ve been doing a great deal of work to update the materials that have already been available with better graphics and better navigation. Eventually I’ll be adding in redirects from the old presentations of these works as they appeared in An Enochian Miscellany that point to the new presentations here. But, in addition to these improvements, there’s also newly available work that you can check out. So, if you’ve an interest in Enochian, whether as a beginner or as a long time student, there’s definitely material here for you.

Even though this guest site is new, you can already see that there’s an enormous amount of interesting material to be discovered and re-discovered. Moreover, there’s lots more material to be added in ongoing updates to the site so there’s even more to come!

A Mass of Enochian Texts Gleaned From The Web

Another section of David Richard Jones’ Invisible College was A Mass of Enochian Texts Gleaned From The Web, which also included a subdirectory of Aleister Crowley works. (Check out the vintage web design of the page included there! Yeah, that’s really what the web looked like most of the time back in the day.)

Of course, there’s plenty more materials at the Hermetic Library on both Enochian and Aleister Crowley …

The Spirit Actions

Another section of David Richard Jones’ Invisible College was The Spirit Actions, a collection of texts from a project to create an online edition of John Dee and Edward Kelley’s “A TRUE & FAITHFUL RELATION OF What passed for many Yeers Between DR. JOHN DEE and SOME SPIRITS”:

“The Texts contained in this folder are part of a project, by various members of [email protected], to produce a web edition of A TRUE & FAITHFUL RELATION OF What passed for many Yeers Between DR. JOHN DEE and SOME SPIRITS: Those who have substantively contributed to this project are: Frater Adsum Iterum, Raymond Drewry, Susan Drewry, David R. Jones, Victor Marques and Patricia A. Shaffer. This notice should be included with any distribution or posting of this material. The Latin translations are copyright their respective translators.”

In addition to The Obsidian Mirror of John Dee and Edward Kelley, An Enochian Miscellany, as well as The Enochian World of Benjamin Rowe and Norton’s Imperium; there’s also Clay Holden’s John Dee Publication Project, mirrored at the Hermetic Library. Of course, there’s a lot of other material on the site related to this, which you can find using a site search, but some things you may want to check out “Enochian” and “John Dee” as a start.

Elsewhere online, you may also be interested in The John Dee Society which I’ve been told is still alive in spite of the apparent silence or Twilit Grotto’s Writings of John Dee.