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Krampage is an iOS game from Funny Garbage where you play the role of Krampus capturing bad children. [HT Laughing Squid]


Krampage iOS game from Funny Garage

“We all know the story of Santa Claus, but this is another kind of Christmas tale . . . THIS is the story of Santa’s evil counterpart Krampus, the Christmas demon. He seeks out bad little boys and girls to punish them and carry them off into the night!

This fast paced and fun casual game is THE iPhone and iPad app for the holidays. Brought to you by Funny Garbage, New York’s premiere digital design and interactive entertainment company.

Available now from the iTunes app store.

Merry Krampus one and all!” [via]


Moreover, this game is available free for iOS via iTunes.

“A fast paced and fun casual game featuring Santa’s evil counterpart Krampus!
Help Krampus go on a KRAMPAGE by guiding him out of Hell and into the homes of misbehaving children to teach them a lesson for their bad deeds!”

“So get into the Krampus spirit . . . Its time to go on a KRAMPAGE!!!

Merry Krampus one and all!” [via]


Krampage iOS game screenshot

Krampage iOS game screenshot 2