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Alan Moore’s The Courtyard

Hermetic Library Fellow T Polyphilus reviews Alan Moore’s The Courtyard by Alan Moore, Antony Johnston, and Jacen Burrows.

Moore The Courtyard

Bigoted g-man Aldo Sax makes a useful focal character for this 21-st century Lovecraftian story–reminding me of the similar Stan Smith of Seth MacFarlane’s dissimilar American Dad animated satire. A few details (public fax booth? domed-over city?) suggest that the setting is a different 2004 than the one that readers lived through. 

Allusions to “Cthulhu mythos” literature are dense and frequent. The climax of the story is a vivid psychedelic episode, with a persuasive subtext of experienced knowledgeability. The art is effective and rich with detail; and the narrative, for all of its latter-day updates, is very traditional in a way that should satisfy mythos aficionados. [via]