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Magical Hearth

Randall Bowyer reviews Magical Hearth: Home for Modern Pagans by Janet Thompson in the Bkwyrm archive.

Don’t be fooled by that Ankh on the spine: Magical Hearth is actually a Llewellyn book in disguise. It combines two popular Llewellyn genres, the witchier homes-and-gardens genre (The Magical Household, etc.) and the Wiccan-family values genre (The Pagan Family, etc.), with a pronounced emphasis on herbal tea. The author displays the erudition characteristic of some Llewellyn authors, too: she writes “who’s” when she means “whose,” “imbibe” when she means “imbue,” and–my personal favorite–“Cabala” when she means “Sephirah.” It’s all so sad that I cried in my tea.

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