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Silver and garnet pomegranate pendant

This pomegranate pendant is made of silver and garnet by WingedLion is available in small and large sizes

WingedLion's Silver and Garnet Pomegranate Pendant large

“For ages, pomegranates have symbolized love, fertility, and abundance. Inspired by the ancient myth of Persephone, the queen of the underworld and the goddess of spring growth, this beautiful pendant was designed by me (Natalia Moroz) and crafted by the jewelry designer Sergey Zhiboedov (my husband).

The pendant is shaped as a half of a ripe pomegranate, and its left side is set with 16 garnet cabochons (3×5 mm each). On the right side of the pendant, there is a relief of a naked woman. The back of the pendant is textured to imitate the rough pomegranate skin. The pendant is made of sterling silver and has been oxidized to bring out the details. The pendant is stamped with the jeweler’s mark and 925 (silver)

The pendant is 1.25″ (31 mm) wide, 1.5″(37 mm) high, and 0.4″(10 mm) deep. Wide bail (chain opening). The chain is not included.” [via]

WingedLion's Silver and Garnet Pomegranate Pendant small

Solid brass Baphomet weights

These solid brass Baphomet weights by Maya Jewelry are on offer for use as body modification weights, in places such as ears … or somewhere else, I suppose, one might have holes at least 0g. Also available in white brass and copper.

Maya Jewelry's brass Baphomet Weights from Bodyartforms

“Each of these is approximately 2″ tall and 1-1/2″ at the widest point, and weigh 2.7 oz. (76 grams).
Each horn has an approximate 7.5mm diameter, so you would have to be at 0g to insert and wear these with one horn.

To wear these with both horns you would have to insert the goat head and it measures about 24mm. Both horns together have an approximate 15mm diameter. We recommend that you be at an 1″ to insert these this way.” [via]

“Detailed devotion in true Heavy Metal form.
2 1/8″ L x 1 9/16″ W
Must be 3/4″ to wear
Weight: 75.5g per piece
Hand forged” [via]

The Scapegoat Ring

The Small Beast has on offer The Scapegoat Ring, or Baphomet Ring, an oversized fashion ring with a goat head design.

The Small Beast's The Scapegoat Ring

“This ring was create in honor of the ultimate outcast Azazel, a somewhat enigmatic character. Some believe him to be one of the chief Grigori, others believe him to be a master of spiritual alchemy, astrology, witchcraft, adornments or weaponry. It could possibly be the name of a place or maybe a demon, a Djinn of the desert, a person, a spirit, or even Satan himself.

This piece was hand sculpted then solid cast in Shibuichi metal. Each ring is hand polished and detailed then left to rest in a bath of brimstone. Once oxidized I hand polish it to a distressed aged finish.

This ring is not for the faint of heart. The Scapegoat Ring is a hefty 2.75 ounces of solid metal and measures 2.5 inches long. This is a piece for people that like weight behind their jewelry.

This is a limited run ring and it is ready to ship in a size 6. Please contact me for the availability of other sizes.” [via]

The Small Beast's The Scapegoat Ring alternate view

Leaf and twig design ring sets

BandScapes has a number of interesting ring designs, including some leaf and twig ring sets which they suggest as wedding bands but seem to me like they could be interesting for other purposes as well, including self-weddings and other rituals.

BandScapes twig design ring set

BandScapes twig design ring set detail

“Nature and elegance combined into a beautiful wedding ring set. Both rings are branch design with accent leaves and are portrayed with extreme detail. The engagement ring’s branches form a four-prong setting for the stone. The matching wedding band is form-fit and locks to the engagement. You will see in the 4th picture, a tiny bridge between two sections of the wedding ring, that tucks under one branch of the engagement, to hold the two rings together while worn.

Set into this ring is a 4mm round, full facet brilliant cut, natural diamond. This is a quarter carat size stone (.25ct.) and I use Ideal Cut stones graded E-F Color and VS-1 Clarity. The prong setting is not too tall, so overall these rings are extremely comfortable to wear.

The branch texture has a nice finish polish, and I add a light oxidation to bring out the details.” [via]


BandScapes leaf design ring set

BandScapes leaf design ring set detail

“This is the two ring wedding set of our Delicate Leaf design. The engagement ring has two leaves wrapping a center stone in a graceful manner. It is delicate and elegant. The wedding band matches perfectly with five small leaves that fit tight next to the engagement.

The set is pictured in 14k yellow gold. It looks awesome in white gold too. Price is the same for either white or yellow gold. The engagement ring is set with a 4mm white sapphire.” [via]

The poet’s heart locket and amour fou ring

BloodMilk has on offer the Poet’s Heart locket and Amour Fou ring.


BloodMilk the Poet's Heart locket


“‘who shall measure the heat and violence of the poet’s heart when tangled in the body of a woman?’—virginia woolf.

an antique french reliquary locket has been cast immortal in bronze, given a brilliant high polish and plated with luminous rose gold paired with a sterling our lady of the 7 sorrows connector and an addition of contrasting dark sterling bar link chain that mimics rosary beads, this necklace is a personal statement of my obsession with the image of the sacred heart.

this symbol is often shown over the hearts of religious icons to show the fever and pureness of spirit. to me, it’s an oddness, to show the heart worn over the body, exposed, aflame, fragile. with this necklace, i’m not suggesting something pertaining to a specific religion but rather something spiritual, felt within and yet worn on the outside.

due to the locket compartment of this piece, it also holds the possibility of holding a special secret, something small such as a piece of a letter, a lock of hair, a dried rose thorn, making this piece personally customizable for the meaningful object of your choice, whether it be something romantic or used for mourning jewelry.

the locket measures 2 inches long and 1 inch wide, on a 28 inch long chain.

please allow 3-4 weeks for your locket to be created as each piece is handmade just for you!” [via]


BloodMilk Amour Fou ring


“l’amour fou is surrealist term coined in the 1920’s by surrealist godfather andre breton in his book of the same title.

l’amour fou is mad love or insane passion, the love that is both exhilarating and dangerous. it is inspiring and deadly.

i’ve taken this term and appropriated it’s meaning into an large and stunning sterling cocktail ring, assembled from cast antique and vintage parts, in the sprit of surrealism and ‘objective chance’ in which seemingly unrelated objects are joined together in marvelous ways to create something new that is secretly connected.

here i’ve taken one half an antique french relic locket and ‘pierced’ it with two vintage swords. i’ve also mixed catholic symbols with that of the tarot, as seen in the 8 of swords necklace using similar components. i’m also interested in how this piece forms something akin to a coat of arms or shield… another way of revealing one’s self or defending one’s self, a bit of psychic armor to guard your heart from trespass.

this ring is labeled a ‘cocktail’ ring because it is large and a bit impractical and attractively absurd. if you’re a daring darling, this ring is meant for you. however, i should note that it is a bit sharp in places and is quite large on the hand.

the ring measures 2 and 1/2 inches wide and 2 inches long with a thin band, all cast immortal in sterling silver and oxidized to achieve my gloomy shade of gray/black.

this is handmade to order just for you ! please allow 3-4 weeks for creation and shipment.” [via]

Planchette Oracle necklace and ring

BloodMilk has on offer Planchette Oracle necklace and ring.


BloodMilk Planchette Oracle necklace


“the planchette necklace has been re-imagined to half the size of the original. still bold and interesting, the necklace features a small glass ‘window’ set like a gem in the viewfinder and beveled edges.

the planchette has become a personal symbol for me and my unending quest to figure out if there is an afterlife and if so, if it allows those who have passed to continue relationships with the living, with the planchette acting as a conduit between worlds. here, the necklace is worn over the heart, furthering my personal narrative of connecting with those we have loved most.

apart from the spirit board its often associated with, the planchette was also used during victorian times for automatic writing. a much large version was rigged with wheels and a pencil and allowed for a free movement and writing that people used to tap into their unconscious. in this way, the planchette is also a symbol of divinatory experience between the conscious and the unconscious, between the body & the psyche, reflecting my interests in inner alchemy.

cast immortal in sterling silver with a distressed satin finish and hand oxidized to achieve my signature shade of gloomy gray, this necklace is an intriguing option for those looking for a smaller version of the original.

paired with my favorite bar link chain, mimicking the shapes of tiny bones or the patterns of rosary beads & oxidized to match the planchette

planchette measures 1 & 6/8″ tall.
chain is 18 inches long from end to end.

this is handmade to order just for you ! please allow 3-4 weeks for creation and shipment.” [via]


BloodMilk Planchette Oracle ring


“the planchette ring has been re-imagined to half the size of the original. still bold and interesting, the ring features a small glass ‘window’ and beveled edges.”

“measuring 1 & 6/8″ tall.

this is handmade to order just for you ! please allow 3-4 weeks for creation and shipment.” [via]