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Practical Administration of Public Libraries

Practical Administration of Public Libraries by Joseph L Wheeler and Herbert Goldhor, from Harper & Row, is part of the collection at the Reading Room.

Joseph L Wheeler Herbert Goldhor Practical Administration of Public Libraries from Harper Row

“With American citizens borrowing more than 550 million books a year from their public libraries, library administration becomes increasingly important. This is the first over-all guide to management principles in public libraries and their practical applications to appear in many years. It incorporates changing viewpoints and methods from a wide range of library situations, drawing as it does on hundreds of books and articles, bulletins, reports, and the best of creative thought in the whole field of library and business administration.

The book is addressed not only to library heads and administrative personnel but also to trustees, public officials such as mayors, city managers, councilmen and appropriating groups, and the laymen, all of whom need to understand what public libraries are supposed to accomplish and how they are managed and operated.

It is also intended for library school instruction and in-service training. Special librarians, college librarians, school librarians and administrators, and branch librarians will also find much material of value here, especially in the chapters on management and supervision of departments and units of service.

The five large sections cover overhead responsibility, organization, administration of public departments and activities, developing the book collection, and the business office and building problems. The authors have had the active encouragement and advice of hundreds of librarians and administrators in this work.” — flap copy