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Thelemic Kamea

Thelemic Kamea
Thelemic Kamea, originally uploaded by Kyla Dawn Clay.


“Fellow Knights, we return from our travels with a map of our Tour. Being the finest Holy Thelemic Kamea we can offer, these are labeled ‘lesser’ and ‘greater’ magic rectangles in figures A. and B. respectively. Now in the constructs of recreational mathematics it is commonly thought that only odd by odd, or conversely, even by even rectangles can be considered “magic”. But it can easily be shown how the same odd by even 5×6 rectangle, actually contains two 3×5 Greater Magic Rectangles having a row sum and a column sum, see labels B. & BB. Therefore, when taken as one they produce 93 as a lesser magic sum because 24+69=93.

Its construction achieves a balance, even in that the first 30 natural numbers are used. This is because of the following ‘mystical’, aka triangular property of the 30th triangular number (465). If you pair up the digits 1…30, the first with the last, the 2nd with the 2nd to last and so on all pairs will sum to 31. See the 2 rows of 15 pairs letters/numbers in the area labeled Legend. But by the unity of the 5&6 is the LAShTAL operation complete and the final form of the kamea determined. We fold up the number line into the most central pair of factors of 30, or 5 rows of 6 numbers/letters such that we retain 3 pairs of 31 in each row, or 3(31)=93. In effect, we permute LAShTAL since; 3(30+1)=93, then so does 3(29+2), 3(28+3)…all the way to inward to 3(15+16).

“Another aeon might have another way of saying 31″. It is therefore, that we expound the formula of LAShTAL and our concept of an aeon by a simple Ma’athematic acknowledgement of all of the variable ‘pairs’ of 31 in the Set of natural counting numbers.The new pattern is not much harder to memorize than a phone keypad. All one has to do is write out the numbers across & down halfway, then and over and back up in reverse.

We would like to demonstrate the ease and practical use of the Lesser Kamea with the Spanish alphabet. The Spanish alphabet contains the English alphabet and renders it rather like a subset. As well, it contains an extra 4 letters ( Ch, LL, RR, Ñ) making exactly 30, and filling the rectangle completely. Given the extension of the formula, we may turn any three letter word (even initials) into Sigils equivalent to the numerical representation of our Law of Love & Unity. Simply choose any three letters and add to them the three letters they are paired to, in other words their temuric partners. The examples of LVX and NOX are given above. LVX in full becomes LVXODC, 13+26+28+18+5+3=93. And NOX in full becomes NOXMLC, 16+18+28+15+13+3=93.”


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