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The Moonchild of Yesod is also available as a free download

I previously posted about The Moonchild of Yesod: A Grimoire of Occult Hyperchemistry by Karl Stone but I just noticed that the full text is available for free download in PDF format as well as due to be published in book form by The Imaginary Book. Speaking of which, the download page has an interesting manifesto of sorts talking about why they are making the book available via free download, which I quote in part:

“Yes, that’s right. This is a completely free download, in PDF form, of The Moonchild of Yesod: A Grimoire of Occult Hyperchemistry by Karl Stone, in its entirety.

Why are we doing this? Why are we “pirating” our own books? Are we insane? (Well, yes we are, but that’s beside the point!)

We live in a new world. The internet has enabled the free exchange and sharing of information in a way never before envisaged by anyone living before us. The reality is, people share books. They always have, and they always will. The internet has simply allowed this to happen on a greater scale than ever before. The big media companies can’t get to grips with this: they label it “piracy”, and claim it’s hurting their profits. They claim that every file shared is a sale lost. And, as a result, they lobby our governments to censor the internet, in an effort to protect their out-dated and almost extinct business model.

We at Imaginary don’t see it like that. We design and produce beautiful books. That’s what we love, and it’s what our customers love, too. We believe that those people who want to own a beautifully-designed, fine-bound, limited and signed collector’s edition will buy our books anyway.

But we also believe that information shouldn’t be the exclusive preserve of the wealthy and/or discerning collector. We also recognise that many people simply don’t care about owning a beautiful book to treasure: they simply want the knowledge it contains. And so, for all those people, we are offering an alternative: a radical new approach to publishing that blows the cobwebs off the dinosaur media conglomerates, and all other publishers.

This leaves us free to concentrate on what we love, and do best, designing beautiful books for the collectors amongst you, without having to worry about low-quality “pirated” editions floating around. Instead, we now control the quality of our digital files, ensuring you get a perfect copy every time.

It may be, of course, that some people who download this book will be so enamoured with it, that they rush to purchase a physical copy anyway…” [via]

The Moonchild of Yesod

You may be interested in The Moonchild of Yesod: A Grimoire of Occult Hyperchemistry, or Typhonian Sex Magick by Karl Stone which is to be published around Lughnasadh 2012 in a limited edition of 418. Turns out this is the first title from The Imaginary Book Co. which appears to be based in the UK, though they don’t mention that on the site.

At €81 that’s about US$ 100, so there’s quite a premium on this book which binding seems pretty standard for a hardcover and I’m not sure why the price is so dear. But, it’s being given quite a send up by the publisher.

“Very rarely does a genuinely original occult book appear: this work, The Moonchild of Yesod (subtitled ‘A Grimoire of Occult Hyperchemistry, or Typhonian Sex Magick’), is just such a book. With an extraordinary use of language, the author builds on the work of Mme. Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, and Kenneth Grant to construct a Magickal Mirror that opens a genuine Gateway to Beyond.” [via]

And I’m not sure what to say about the cover blurb, except … no, I’ll just quote it without comment. You decide for yourself.

“Oracular gnosis, is the hypostatic precipitation of phantasma within the non-spatial stellar dimensions of the initiate. Traffick with praeter-human intelligences are received as a concussion of ‘shadow signatures’ which colour (Kalas) the magickal mirror experientially as a Somatonoësis.

Magickally, the crystallisation of this phantasma is a Lunar sexual operation. It occurs within the oneiric womb of Yesod, which receives the praeter-human spermatozoon via the lens of Daäth (The gateway to the ‘Outer Ones’). Within this siderialised amnion, the spectral tinctures undergo a form of hyper-chemistry, whereby the colours (Kalas) out of space arouse a convolvulus within the ‘Astral Light’, manifesting an antheridial embryonate, the Moonchild (Homunculus), which consolidates it’s prescience upon the substrate of the terrestrial sphere. The Moonchild is the vehicle of the Magickal Will i.e. making the word, flesh.

This grimoire is both a Theoretical and Practical exegesis of initiation, sexual magick, qabalah and sorcery. It elucidates the tangential and oblique method, whereby contact with the subtle occult forces are amplified from the deep soundless recesses of non-spatial stellar loci as a physicality (Somatonoësis). Such transmissions are approached indirectly and inferred by the magickal engine of the qabalah, whereby their gateways are represented as tauroid gestalts (Sephira) to the ‘Outer Ones’. Such traffick can be used for mystical or magickal operations depending upon how the practitioner utilises these subtle intrusions (Kalas) of phantasma inspissated within the alembic of the adepts occult anatomy as a Somatonoësis.” [via]