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Shard #1: Bits and pieces

When I stopped making movies I started making mosaics.

I made hundreds, maybe even thousands of lamps, mirrors, tables, vases, chairs…

Finally, I had found a way to piece together all the cast off broken bits I had been collecting since I was a child… I could contain them, in one place…I could re-construct them into some kind of integrated whole.

Now that I’m back to making movies, I realize I was really always making mosaics…the “shards” that I am posting here are the broken bits I have collected and compiled and abandoned for the past three decades.

As I piece together my latest film/mosaic, “All of the Above” these shards that I made or kept or stumbled on without knowing why, are finally beginning to make sense.

Shard #1: Bits and pieces is a video from Katherine Matheson in the Hermetic Library video pool.