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Not without good reason does our catechism assert that Masonry contains “many and invaluable secrets.” But these of course are not the formal and symbolic signs, tokens and words communicated ceremonially to candidates; they are rather those secrets which we instinctively keep locked up in the recesses and safe repository of our hearts; secrets of the deep and hidden things of the soul, about which we do not often talk, and which, by a natural instinct, we are not in the habit of communicating to any but such of our brethren and fellows as share with us a common and a sympathetic interest in the deeper problems and mysteries of life.

W L Wilmshurst, The Meaning of Masonry, Chapter II Masonry as a Philosophy

Hermetic quote Wilmshurst The Meaning of Masonry as Philosophy secrets not formal symbolic signs instinctively locked safe hearts deep hidden deeper problems mysteries life

What I lacked was the concept of a shared “now.” It was hard enough to keep on assembling a personal “now” out of the onslaught of incoming data—the angle of light, the need for lunch, the whispered forecasts of Edelman’s mood—although that is our fundamental task as sane and conscious beings, in fact it is what we are: momentary juxtapositions of incongruent events.

Barbara Ehrenreich, Living With a Wild God: A Nonbeliever’s Search for the Truth About Everything [Amazon, Bookshop, Publisher]

Hermetic quote Ehrenriech Living with a Wild God shared now momentary juxtapositions of incongruent events