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Dr.Hans first physical album

You may be interested in helping Hermetic Library anthology artist and audio pool contributor Dr.Hans kickstart his first physical album, which he hopes to do on coloured vinyl with bunches of extras.

“I’m ready to create my first physical album, on coloured vinyl, packed with stickers and a limited run, custom art print. All signed!”

“The project is to create a physical album, as all of my preliminary releases are all digital. I want to create an artistic project, so my idea is to create an aesthetic launch for Dr.Hans. I will be creating a coloured, art experience of a vinyl including unique stickers and a limited run of a commissioned artwork, ‘Passage’, collaboratively designed by Dr.Hans and a (yet to be chosen), phenomenal artist. You can expect dark soundscapes and music fit for meditation and imagination, creating a magickal environment, so we all may visit the void, and return with gnosis. ” [via]

The Ancient Egyptian Daybook

The Ancient Egyptian Daybook is a kickstarter by Tamara L Suida, who you may know from Kemetic Orthodox Faith and elsewhere, that you may be interested in. It’s already fully funded, but you might want to get in on it and help achieve some stretch goals.

“Do you know where our modern calendar comes from? Did you know that it’s older than Europe, Rome, or even Greece?

A long time ago, in a trireme far away…

Julius Caesar (the Ides of March guy) went to Egypt. He brought back more than Cleopatra and a huge diplomatic headache. He brought back the Julian calendar. Thanks to Pope Gregory the Thirteenth, we don’t use Caesar’s Egyptian calendar anymore. But the Gregorian calendar we do use, is based on it. So our modern calendar…comes from the ancient Egyptian calendar!”

“My name is Tamara Siuda. I’m an Egyptologist. (Yes, I’ve even played one on TV.) I’ve been translating hieroglyphs, teaching, and writing about ancient Egyptians for two decades. A few years ago, I published The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook. It includes translations of prayers, hymns, and magical incantations from Egypt’s pharaonic times. It also includes a very basic ancient calendar, because there wasn’t room for all my research.

I’d like to give that calendar some more attention. With your help, I can publish The Ancient Egyptian Daybook. This Daybook will include all my research into ancient Egypt’s calendar. It will also include an optional blank perpetual calendar in a journal or planner format, so you can keep track of these holidays today, if you want!

My Kickstarter project aims to raise necessary funds to design and publish the Daybook. One of the first things I’d like to do is hire an illustrator. (Believe me. You don’t want to see my silly Egyptian drawings.) With the help of people with actual artistic talent, the Daybook and its companion journal will be published in print and e-book formats.” [via]

Intùiti Creative Cards

Intùiti Creative Cards is a new kickstarter campaign to create “a deck of cards for Creativity born in the Polytechnic University of Milan. A synthesis of Design, Tarot and Gestalt Psychology,” which may be of interest. [HT Jonathan Korman]

Intuiti creative cards kickstarter

“Intùiti is a deck of cards for Creativity.

It was born as a project of the Polytechnic University of Milan and it represents a new way of living the subject of creativity, an issue that is often superficially tackled. Instead of forcing the user to find an idea, as it happens with some techniques like brainstorming or the mind map, Intùiti invites to sit calmly and to feel what one has to give, remembering that creating must be a source of joy and satisfaction.

Intùiti proposes pointed suggestions, obtained from the analysis of classic tarots, that are a rich collection of archetypes. It has not an esoteric purpose: each card is related to a thinking model that belongs to our culture, a powerful incentive that can put in motion creative and inspirational processes.

Intùiti is a synthesis of Design, Tarots, Numerology and Gestalt Psychology. At the same time it is a serious game and a powerful tool that doesn’t treat the creative act according to rigid schemas, but it brings out its bright side.” [via]


The Book of Knowing

Ana Cortez sent me an email about The Book of Knowing, a project to get a special set of playing cards made with illustrations by her late father, which may be of interest to you. Ana describes the illustrations as “a bit otherworldly, decidedly archetypal, but also unusually original and artfully executed. Perfect for divination/ inspiration/ fascination.”


“The ‘Book of Knowing’ is a deck of regular playing cards (52 cards plus jokers) that aren’t regular at all! The one-of-a-kind images for these cards were brought to life by my Dad (CJ Freeman, 1941 – 2010) in large scale oils 35 years ago. With your support through Kickstarter, we will get 54 canvases converted into one unbelievable stack of cards. Dare I say, your card game will never be the same.

The images for this deck are so archetypal, so powerful, and so lucidly rendered, there is really nothing like them. They all came from my Dad’s very fertile imagination, his strong connection to the spirit world and his own intuitive sense as an artist. They are otherworldly, which to me is how good oracle art should be!”