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Twin Flames


Twin Flames” by Klaxons from Surfing The Void

“A burning flame goes by and by
Visible love stands side by side
It comprehends
Beginnings never end

Into the cycle of the here and now
We take our fears and disappear somehow
As we ascend
Beginnings never end

Twin flames in our hearts
As we turn towards our very start
Twin flames in our minds
When we move emotions multiply

Twin flames in our hearts
As we move you can’t tell us apart
Twin flames in our minds
When we move together

A sea of flames
Before tonight
Conducted love
Brought us alight
The fire blends
Beginning never end

Double halves of wholeness
Find the missing equal sign
Double halves of wholeness
Now return to intertwine

Spirals turn the fire in us
Instants synchronise
Joining us a second love
We harmonise in time”



Magick” by Klaxons from Myths Of The Near Future

“Magick, without tears
Magick, without tears
Magick, without tears
The magick-al veneer

The way to mother goose
The way to suck an egg
The way to golden dawn
The way to Koh Phangan

The glitter on the snow
the place to always go
Do what you will
Do what you will”


See Magick Without Tears, Book 4’s interlude on nursery rhymes, The Book of Lies chapter 69, the Golden Dawn Library Project, The Diary of a Drug Fiend (via Amazon), and, of course, The Book of the Law [also]